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Name: RuneRebels 2006 Remake
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*Please keep in mind that the game is currently in Alpha stage, meaning you will find some bugs here and there.*

Welcome to RuneRebels!
RuneRebels is a very well-known private server whose sole purpose by its staff and development team is to replicate RuneScape exactly the way it was in the year 2006. We've succeeded thus far with lots of help from previous staff and developers, as well as a handful of new developers we were lucky enough to stumble upon, and even a vast amount of the MoparScape staff team!

We have three VPS' running three separate worlds: two member worlds and one non-member world. Our VPS' all have anti-DDoS protection on them.
Please also note that any members content is absolutely free and requires no payment for any of our members within our community.

Members' content has finally been released!


2,000 Player Stability-Stress Test

RuneRebels Music System


Connecting friends list between worlds!!

Shearing Sheep

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