Server Details - | OSRS |

Name: | OSRS |
Votes: 6
Revision: 317
Owner: ThePsychoBunch
Status: Online
Stability: Uptime: 26824 min / Downtime: 2090 min / Percent: 93%

  • 20+ Fully Working Skills
  • Perfect Combat
  • Random Skill Events
  • Community Orientated RSPS
  • Wishing Well
  • Many Achievements to Accomplish
  • Friendly Eco
  • Skill4Profit
  • Over 25+ Bosses to Battle!
  • Community events
  • Last Man Standing Minigame
  • Barrows
  • Motherload Mine
  • Puro Puro
  • Warriors Guild
  • Wintertodt
  • Full COX
  • Pest Control
  • Inferno
  • All dungeons what OSRS has to offer
  • All skilling Guides
  • All rooftop Agility's
  • Aerial Fishing
  • Kourend Angllers
  • Piscatoris Fishing
  • Rogues Den
  • Jaitzo Mine
  • Abyssal Sire
  • Kraken
  • Cerberus
  • Elvarg
  • Corporeal Beast
  • Giant Mole
  • God Wars
  • Vorkath
  • Zulrah
  • Wilderness Events
  • Quick PK? Join our Tournaments
  • All wilderness quick teleports
  • Team Capes
  • Clan Chat
  • Deadman Mode
  • Blood Money Mining
  • Wilderness Chests
  • Custom Home
  • Weekend Events
  • Quick Prayers
  • OSRS Music and Sounds
  • And a Lot more!

Real Slayer Rewards!

Unique Teleport Interface

Start off your adventure by Thieving!

Remember to vote Daily for Rewards!

Iron men can use their own shop for basic items

A variety of different kinds of slayer tasks to do!

Many skills to master!

Many Bosses to Battle including Vorkath with many more coming soon!

Demonic Gorillas as well as many other monsters & bosses added

Well of Goodwill working perfectly with many options!

Customize the game to suit your play style with many more customizable features inbound!

Many Minigames to play including the Inferno - we only have 9 waves of the inferno!

Spoiler for Restoration Gif:
Restore yourself from the chest at home!

Spoiler for RFD Gif:

Defeat Culinaromancer's horde for the RFD Gloves!

Spoiler for Skilling Gif:
What's a server without it's very own Skillers Island!

Spoiler for Drop Tables Gif:
Right Click any Attackable Monster to view it's drop table!

Spoiler for Fire Exchange Gif:
The Fire Exchange allows you to destroy lesser items for points to purchase mystery boxes!

Spoiler for Max Island Gif:
Get to Max Island to purchase Skillcapes!

Spoiler for Mystery box Gif:
Mystery boxes are unique in Misthalin!