Server Details - OSBY

Name: OSBY
Votes: 182
Revision: 184
Owner: Glabay
Status: Online
Stability: Uptime: 171284 min / Downtime: 150899 min / Percent: 53%
Greetings Adventure.

Looking for something new, something "OldSchool RSPS" or "Custom RSPS" that isn't Pokemon customs or guns, custom content that's refreshing but not ridiculous.

OldSchool BoneYard (OSBY)

Welcome to a project Inspired by the game driving this community, and with a touch of custom lore/content; This custom server brings you back to a time when RSPS Custom servers were not custom made models imported into the cache.
This project is under Heavy Development, Open Beta; No account resets.

Unique Content

- Using Construction and Smithing you can build temp/perm banking chest at some of the Skilling locations

Magical Orbs
- Ever wish you had a way to make your own teleports?
- want to get back to that favorite spot?
- Customized teleporting that allows you to pick the location

Social BonFires
- if more than 1 person is using a fire to cook or burn logs, gain more exp
- more the others are friends gain even more exp as a group

Connect your Discord
- Boosted 10% exp
- Improved account security
- Control in game activities from a discord command

- Custom designed and written quests not from RuneScape

Expected Content

- Almost all working Skills
- Mini-games
- Bosses
- Quests
- And more...

Planed Content

- Player made donation zones
- Discord integration
- Discord driven in-game content
- More Custom Quests
- Custom mini-games
- Even more...