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Name: FrostiePK
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Owner: Jackman1506
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Stability: Uptime: 29645 min / Downtime: 15508 min / Percent: 66%

Spoiler for About Frostiepk:
Frostiepk is a new PK/Eco Server currently in development by myself. I have been working on this server on and off for the past two years and now it's starting to take shape. I have taken inspiration from two well known servers, PKHonor and SpawnPK, I have played both these servers for a long time and I wanted to replicate the fun I had on them but put my own unique ideas into my server as well

Spoiler for Skills:
Spoiler for Runecrafting:
As this server incorporates both Pking, Skilling and Bossing I have had to use my imagination. People want to be able to instantly PK but this causes issues in making certain skills a viable money maker. for example Runecrafting allows players to craft runes but having presets that allow you to instantly spawn vengeance or barrage runes makes these runes value 0. I have incorporated a new system which allows players to still enjoy the skill and make money aswell as the Pkers to still be able to instantly PK.
Using unstable essence when Runecrafting now allows you to make Essence of Air, Mind, Earth, Water and Fire these can then be converted into essence points which can be spent in the Runecrafting shop.

Spoiler for Mining & Smithing:
Mining has been re-worked completely you can now mine lots more different ores we now have Copper, Tin, Iron, Coal, Silver, Mithril, Gold, Adamant, Rune, Enriched Coal, Dragon, Abyssal, Crystal and Elemental. Doing this has allowed us to flesh out the skill aswell as making it viable in PVM and Pking as a money maker as players will now actually want the gear you can craft.

Spoiler for Crafting:
Crafting has also had some changes. You can now receive frost dragonhide from Frost Dragons and celestial dragonhide from Celestial Dragons, this can be used to craft the body, chaps and vambraces of the respective dragonhides you use.

All other skills Apart from Summoning and Dungeoneering work as they should I do have plans to add more content to them in the future

Spoiler for Features:
We also have a tonne of exciting and fun features

Custom Home with skilling areas
15+ Bosses Rs2 and Oldschool
rs2, rs3 and osrs items including a few tasteful custom Items
Re-worked skills, Mining, Crafting, Smithing, Woodcutting, Fletching and Runecrafting
Instant PKing with presets
Limitless prestiging with rewards.

Spoiler for Casino Exchange:
This is a new way to gamble you can deposit either blood money or blood shards to the Casino Exchange and it will convert it into chips. you can use these chips to gamble with the Frostiepk Gamble he currently hosts 60x2 and Frosty Flowers. (More Coming Soon) You can also use your blood money to buy shards at the casino exchange.

Spoiler for Game modes:
We currently offer two game modes PKer and Trained. Pker account will be able to instantly PK, they can spawn presets and set their combat levels to 99. However they will not be able to prestige their skills which stops them from being able to access certain perks that trained accounts can access.
Trained accounts on the other hand cannot set their levels or use presets but are able to prestige all their skills either all at once or individually as soon as they hit 99 in a skill. They will be rewarded accordingly

Spoiler for General Media:

Spoiler for Join Now!!:
We also have a lot of other cool and unique content and I will be adding to this thread regularly.

Join us now!


Regards, Mr Frost.