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    This tutorial will teach you how to make TopList incentive votes work with Motivote.

    1) Go to your Motivote control panel, for me, located in http://vote.*******.com/admin

    Copy the Callback URL and set it as Incentive Postback URL in Rune-Server TopList

    2) Set up motivote site:

    Details as follows:

    Name: Rune-Server

    Vote URL:{id}&incentive={incentive}

    Vote URL ID: You can retrieve this when going to your server details and when looking at the address bar, you will see the ID:

    Wait time: 12 (default)

    Active: Ticked

    3) Your done! Now try if the voting works. If you have any issues, feel free to ask me for help over PM or skype.
    Thanks, Kevin.

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