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    Hi everyone,

    Apparently rep is just a number (according to many sources). Over these years, I've come to realise that the reputation option is very fucking useless and it is more of a personal thing. We have the 'thanks' option and seems to be a more reliable source to evaluate a member on here (whether it is for doing a business with them, buying services, 'trusting' them for something) and that actually makes sense because users are thanked on useful content that they publish.

    On the other hand, rep seems to be merely an ego booster.

    So now, to everyone who says rep is just a number, please flatter me with why it's something useful?

    I've looked across many other forums (not just RSPS - this is a very small community) and they seem to only integrate a similar system to our 'thanking'.

    • Less new users quitting - because of fucking idiots who thing negging gives them an extra inch
    • No more pixel-ego
    • Quality engagement within the community

    • Angry pindicks crying over not having golden stars
    • No more ego boosters
    • 1 less element on the use profile (can easily be replaced with something else like "Mostly active in: Spam")

    Tl;dr: Remove rep because it's fucking useless and it creates an area to abuse between closely associated individuals.
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    Dude, learn yourself, it took me 17 months of continuous research to learn how to import a project.
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    When? And Idiot, I'm using a oldschool, it's not easy to get the command for an oldschool, retard c u.
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    I sayin u dont contribute never aall u do is finna tryin attack ppl and always finna start fights .......
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    You must be one of those slower breeds.
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    Just piss off ploter hacker fella dumb fuck. Your a donor to a rsps community, I'm a Mainowner to a Private Server thats 7+ Years old. Lmfao kid, get a life. Don't let my name come out of your mouth again. Or it wont end nicely for you. Understand me big boy?
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    What do you know about Public Void and int without this [] is only 1 integer, why?

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    No thanks.

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