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    Quote Originally Posted by Thakiller View Post
    It wouldn't be fair to anybody on the staff team if Kevy expected them to moderate a 3rd party application on top of the site as well, which is another decent reason to have Discord exclusive moderators. Generally anybody who is active and not an idiot would be fine as the powers would be extremely limited and you couldn't do any "real" damage.
    Ya that's what worried me when I saw him working on the Discord, the punishments made by "Discord staff" could just have a maximum time for mutes in case someone fucks around. It also notifies us as well on who got muted, so hopefully in a few days it can let us know which staff member muted someone.

    Spoiler for sb lol!:

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    Serious discussion channel's problem is a bit misunderstood here. While I do agree that it might be kind of confusing now (I intend to add a better definition, when the channel has a stronger and more refined direction). I have actually requested the channel to be created for a specifici reason: so that people can actually have a proper discussion; since other channels are either going pretty fast and it is hard to read or is not taken seriously and most discussions get memed. The channel does include a short description and its direction on discord though. Channel is there so we can actually have a normal, civil discussion.
    And obviously for that to be achieved, we do need some kind of restrictions, otherwise its just going to be like general/spam. Also I don't think it would be much of a problem with that dead cat guy venting on it either, as long people are not going into all the nonsense, which I have mentioned in the channel today. The problem itself is with people feeling kind of restricted ethically -- I guess? What I have noticed today was just people getting emotional and personal about the discussion and actually moving onto insults, while I agree on your point (thinking of the specific situation today?), the channel was made exactly to avoid all that. I could actually quote some of the pruned messages with assumptions that people here can't have serious discussions because they only write java here. Then about braindead insults, then baits and basic insults. The difference between general and serious discussions, is just that avoidance of personal drama, insults and all that. If you have finished your conversation then head to pm or general and have your personal opinion on the persons ability to comprehend. I don't expect people to adapt to it or anything. Ofcourse there can be a degree of turmoil in there, and probably its expected, however it would still be best to act in a civil way? -- Would it not?

    It is aswell my fault today, that I have initiated perhaps the further discussion which rather got personal, in a disgusting way.
    But uh, its not like we have failed the channel yet or anything. The reason why I would rather keep it strict from all that, basically so that it doesn't turn into a loose channel like general. And yeah, I totally agree on the naturally flowing conversations. The channel, would rather have some moral/ethical rules established to make it clearer I guess, so we can actually have that place to go and vent down because a cat died, without: "haha beta cuck, stop crying".
    Not like I expect the channel to be something very strict or anything, I expect it to be better than spam/general channels in atleast ethical terms. If anyone has ideas to improve it though, write it down. Would be nice to know where users want it to head towards to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by menth View Post
    Serious discussion channel's problem is a bit misunderstood here.
    For the record, I'm looking more at preventative measures than I am picking out any specific incident, or calling out X and Y mod/admin.

    The reason I bring up some mods getting upset at my idea this and that is because historically, there's always a moderator who tries way too hard to keep a section maintained when it'd be better off with less strict moderation. Should s-d be moderated heavier than general? Absolutely, but I think we should be at a spot somewhere in between shoutbox and old ID&D (at least from when I moderated it). It wouldn't be random memes and random baseless discussion, but it wouldn't be nazi-regime strict to the point where we have to remove it because of everybody's inability to follow rules.

    EDIT: New suggestion added:
    Don't allow staff members to totally overrule the ::skip vote by using the ::skip command - instead create a new ::forceskip command in case anyone is playing something inappropriate.
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    Good ideas idk if you ment like only staff members could song request but everyone should be able to and combining ranks to 1 color would be bad

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