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    Welcome to the Defect board .

    First and foremost, this board is simply for reporting Bugs/Glitches or even Typos within important Areas of the forum. Below I'll make a small list on what is allowed =].

    - Bugs/Glitches with forum features
    - Connection Issues
    - Outdated sticky report
    - A typo in an important area of the forum

    When reporting one of the following, filling out this simple form will help us deal with the situation must faster =].

    Connection Issues
    - Please make sure no announcements/topics were made on a known issue. Forum crashes ARE NOT to be reported here, as we have knowledge once forums crash.
     Please give us details on what you were attempting at the time:
     What web browser do you use?
     Does this happen only in certain areas, or the entire website?
     Any additional details you feel may help us determine the cause?


    - Please check known issues before creating a bug/glitch topic
     If able, please link us to the area you are experiencing the problem:
     Please let us know which Web Browser you are using:
     Please provide any additional information on the occurrence:
    Outdated Sticky/Typo
     Please link us to the thread or area:
     Where are the typos/errors in the thread?
     Do you have any suggestions on possible fixes?(Optional):
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    Please do not contact me about RSPS related issues, if you require assistance related to Rune-Server you can send me a private message.

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