Thread: Why Damien (RuneZoneYT) Should Banned From Rune-Server

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  1. #1 Why Damien (RuneZoneYT) Should Banned From Rune-Server 
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    Watch this video, and tell me that he shouldn't be banned from here:

    He doesn't deserve anything he has, and I have taken the liberty of removing his website ( and am in the process of revoking his youtube partnership. Kick him off of this site, because all he will do is start trouble, trouble he won't be able to finish.

    I was a mod on his server, until he banned me for trying to tell people the truth about him. He is a habitual liar, and the only thing he will contribute to this community is an excess of trolling. Remove him before he causes any more problems.

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    Sorry but the drama that is happening on Youtube regarding Damien doesn't really warrant a ban on here, and the evidence presented about him hacking Runescape accounts is far from solid, it is very easy to fake something like that.

    All of that aside, this type of thread isn't allowed here anyway: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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