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    Hello Rune-Server,

    We have a new feature in place for added account security. If you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, download the Google Authenticator App and protect your Rune-Server account from unauthorized access. How does it work? If the system detects an usual IP address, you will be prompted to log in using a specific code generated from the Google Authentication App associated with the account. Enable it once and forget about it, knowing that your account is fully protected.

    If you use Android, download this app:

    If you use an iPhone, download this app:

    If you use the Windows Phone, download this app:

    Click here to access the settings for your account's two-factor authentication: (this is accessed through your Settings tab)

    Hope you all can make some use of this It is an elegant system that provides a huge layer of account security.

    In other news...

    We have collectively decided to change the manner in which we have been handling scam reports. More often than not we receive reports in which information is falsified, incomplete, and manipulated. We are changing our approach to match the original definition of the black market: buy and sell at your own risk. When I first created the section, the intention was to simply provide a meeting place for sellers and potential buyers. Gradually staff took more responsibility over trades, however with the current state of the reports that we receive we have realized that we cannot continue this approach. We hope you can understand this. We do not wish to take liability nor responsibility. As a result, Rune-Server moderators will no longer be the mediators between buyers and sellers. Please be careful with who you choose to buy from . Despite our change in approach, any scam reports prior to this announcement will be handled. I'd also like to mention that in cases where scamming is blatantly obvious, action will be taken. This isn't a pass to post scams in the marketplace whatsoever - we are just going to be more selective in our handling process.

    Congratulations to Arvid for winning the official logo competition. His logo has been up for some time now and I hope you all have enjoyed the change!

    That's all for now. Be sure to check out the new feature! An article will be added to the knowledge base with image instructions soon if you are having difficulties understanding the system and how to set it up.

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