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    When reporting a scammer
    When reporting a scammer it is vitally important you provide us with valid evidence, we see on too many occasions members posting evidence which isn't valid enough and thus leads to the downfall of their report, here are a few quick tips and reasons why your reports lead to nothing.

    Invalid Evidence
    Invalid evidence are a major downfall for reports, here is a list of some invalid evidence scenarios:

    • MSN XML Chat Logs
    • Notepad MSN Chat Logs
    • MSN Chat Logs with no email address visible
    • If you purchased something, no paypal transaction screenshot

    Valid Evidence
    Valid evidence are great for reports, they not only help you but they help remove the scammer from the community, here is a list of some valid evidence scenarios:

    • MSN Logs with an email address visible
    • Rune-Server Private Message Reports
    • Video recordings where the email address is visible at all times

    They are just a few quickly, mainly it comes down to this, if you doubt your evidence will do anything then I suggest you get more, if you think it will make sure you have them telling you to either add x msn/contact and that the x msn/contact is visible on the evidence or you tell them to provide some kind of proof the member on msn is actually the member on rune-server, many reports are coming through with just no evidence to link it to the rune-server account.

    Quick Tips

    • Record your full transaction, even if it's a full hour, record it.
    • Take screenshots at multiple occasions.
    • Security is the key, make sure they are who they say they are.
    • Make sure you have enough proof/evidence to prove they scammed you should it come to that.

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