zodiacsreign server/client tool package 6.0

I found some things out of here useful, and I'm sure someone else will find something they can use to benefit their server& or client.

What's included:
Spoiler for Server Sided:

3 basic server sources to work off of and learn from (+1 I added one of my own)
ALL ID lists, npcs, items, objects ect
Precoded work, ancients, mining ect
MANY server related tool, command gen, autospawn gen shop gen, ect

Spoiler for Client related tools:

Character editor
Model grabber
Sprite grabber
Workable client bases (i added a couple of my own)

Spoiler for MISC.:

Lots of autoers and marco bots
525 lists
and much more!



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Zodiac or whoever made this, i downloaded this back when I was an active member of Moparscape community.
me- for adding a few minor things.