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    Quote Originally Posted by Scu11 View Post
    exactly. previously it would have ALWAYS been something you only found at runtime in the Java world, now it's something you can mostly find at compile-time and occassionally find at runtime in kotlin... surely as programmers we generally want to find these problems sooner rather than later, so moving whatever we can to compile-time problems is a good thing?
    agree wholeheartedly. but why is extra compile time bytecode needed? i don't think that a compile time check should add anything to the runtime. that's like, the whole point?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
    agree wholeheartedly. but why is extra compile time bytecode needed?
    because of java interop lol?

    the whole point of the additional null checks at the start of your compiled kotlin function is if someone from the java world is passing a null to your function, the function will immediately blow up and say "hey, no nulls here pal".

    if your function doesn't have all of the null preconditions then you might get halfway through your function before hitting an NPE, and leave your program in a really bad state (because it got halfway through doing something).

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