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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter Morgan View Post
    I like to learn and I am sure Jason can vouch this, I worked with him in the past and learned a lot from him.
    I'm not entirely sure I can vouch for this, sorry. I'm sure you learned some things, however there is a large amount of code duplications which suggests copying instead of writing, sorry. I wish I had something better to say.
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    Stupid petty shit going on around here.

    As for the code itself, you definitely could improve it. On top of what others have said about the #values(), fastutils and other shit..
    return attribute.get(key) == null ? 0 : attribute.get(key);
    I don't know whether you realize or not, but that's double calls to Map#get if attribute isn't null. Avoid that.
    Local variables help plenty in that case, as well as in other cases such as..
    for (Attribute points : Attribute.values()) {
    	if (reader.has( {
    		int value = reader.get(;
    		player.getPoints().set(points, value);
    There's a lot of unnecessary getters being used, I'd suggest dropping the habit of doing that, and instead use local variables, so that block would look more like..
    final var points = player.getPoints();
    for (final Attribute points : Attribute.cachedValuesArrayOrImmutableCollectionOfThem) {
    	final var name =;
    	if (reader.has(name)) {
    		final var value = reader.get(name).getAsInt();
    		points.set(points, value);
    I'd like to emphasize this problem a little more though. Just about everyone in RSPS tends to not write local variables, and instead use getters and whatnot over and over, making the code much lengthier(not in my example - I'm aware, but generally it is true), less readable and less efficient. Please, drop the habit - all of you.
    I encourage you to use the 'final' keyword whenever possible. It's a shame final isn't the default state in java.
    Another thing I do not understand is why you've chosen to go with a HashMap when the key of the map is always an Attribute(enum)? EnumMap is definitely more appropriate in this scenario, as it is much faster for #get/put/remove calls compared to a hashmap.

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