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    Here's some footage of a player soloing one of the elite bosses in Extremity.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Extremity is a server focused on RS2/OSRS/customized content, and offers intense PVM experiences as shown in the video. Astea Frostweb's mechanics are detailed below:

    Phase 1 (100% -> 67%)

    Ice walls
    - Creates a line of ice walls from one direction.
    - Ice walls deal magic damage and applies Stun and Freeze on hit.
    - Ice walls can be blocked by the ice stalagmites on the floor.

    Ice chasers
    - Fires homing missiles of ice at all players, continually chasing them for a period of time.
    - Ice chasers deal magic damage and applies Stun and Freeze on hit.
    - Ice chasers, similar to ice walls, can be blocked by the stalagmites on the floor

    Enhanced ice barrage
    - Creates a 3x3 ice barrage on the player with aggro, erupting into ice after a short delay.
    - Enhanced ice barrage deals magic damage and applies Freeze on hit.

    Phase 2 (67% -> 33%)

    Ice spikes
    - Creates ice spikes on the floor beneath all players, which erupt after a short delay.
    - Ice spikes deal ranged damage and apply a Damage amplication debuff on hit.
    - Ice spikes will always cast (if it's off cooldown) if the aggroed player is currently frozen

    Summon spiders
    - Astea summons Ice spiders to target each player fighting her.
    - Spiders have 25 health and lose 5 of their own health every time they attack
    - When the spiders die, they explode in a cascading burst of ice, dealing a light amount of magic damage but applying a long duration Freeze
    - The spiders also leave a blizzard in the spot they died in, dealing true damage per tick. The blizzard lasts a moderate duration.

    - Astea will always cast an Enhanced ice barrage before Ice walls/chasers
    - Ice walls/chasers will do additional damage to targets that are already frozen

    Phase 3 (33% -> 0%)
    - Astea now has a chance to multi-cast Enhanced ice barrage
    - Ice spiders explode in a 5x5 radius instead of a 3x3 radius
    - Ice spider summon cooldown is significantly decreased
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    Look's sick
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    Good and unique, well played.
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    Not a fan of these days of runescape but great job on this
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