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    I am currently looking for a developer or two as I am not a veteran in coding, will pay but not looking to spend an arm and a leg as it is not a need now asap request.
    I have some cool ideas on somethings to do really just looking to share some of them ideas with a possible developer for the project to work on it with me and get some feedback.
    Coming this week I will have more than enough money to invest and yes, even if it gets no where as far as a community etc.. I wont care, I am purely doing this for the experience, fun, and learning.
    Shoot me a message if you care to hear about some of the things I have in mind..

    Preferences: the developer to be good with cache, items, repacking, models, maps, and etc handling them types of things for some reason I struggle at and have always failed..

    Once again, this is not a full force "fulltime dev release asap project" this just being for the fun, experience, and learning... and ofc to make a little money..

    which I know is why 90% of people acknowledge these types of posts.

    Thank you
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    Project Asgardia

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    What base are you using?
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