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    Welcome, potential developers.

    Currently, we have an OSRS server online called "Sakra". This server has been online since May 09 2020 and mainly has been in development rather than the marketing side of things. We have had 1 developer that was doing work in terms of (pay per task) and I did everything else that you can think of. Recently we discussed him taking a % cut of the total income which was discussable but the proposition was not justifiable for me personally and we ended up agreeing on disagreeing basis.

    So here we are, looking for a developer that is competent, consistent, and overall trustworthy. Someone with the knowledge of client & server-side and is able to code new interfaces, mechanics & overall bug fixing. We prefer someone a little bit older (I am 28 years myself) and would like to work together with someone that is around the same age. I just intend to keep on having bad experiences with younger people within the RSPS space.

    We can either pay you through pay per task but a % cut of the total income is also discussable. For % cut, we expect that you are at least available a few evenings per week and not too busy being a developer on 5 different other servers.

    What you can expect from us:
    * A dedicated professional team - Team players
    * Good payment + bonuses
    * Healthy environment without too much heavy hierarchies going on
    * Flexible work hours - Basically decide when and how many hours you want to invest in this project
    * GitHub

    What we expect from you:
    * Competence - This may be a useless statement but if you only just started learning Java, please let's not waste each other time (You will be tested)
    * Professional & Mature
    * Fluently speaking the English language ( Dutch is also a possibility, I am Dutch myself)
    * Be part of our team - This means that we would like to see you being invested within the project and see the same potential as we do and work as a team to make it work.

    General information:
    * [317] Valius source
    * [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    * Price or % cut discussable

    Please only reply with serious interest. This also seems like a useless statement but anyone that has been longer within the RSPS space knows how it can be sometimes.
    I want to thank everyone for reading my request. I most likely forgot a few details here and there but feel free to add me on Discord to send me a pm or to ask for more information.

    Discord: Sakra#0117
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