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    im looking for an rsps coder who i can learn and admire i just want to make an rsps which is good just for personal use with a few freinds to enjoy abit of fun like staking and pking and if anyone could help me with my rsps and is an experinced coder i am an ex streamer looking to make a new freind and hopefully get someone who can teach me the ways thank you for your time your sincerly bad4ssm4sty discord is mastydog#6947 would love to meet ya and get some good adivce feel free to let me know peace
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    ye learn java
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownGrade View Post
    Don't let these no life creeps get to you, its always the same on here. They'd rather spend hours upon hours in the rune-server spam section then getting laid! ha ha!Its honestly pathetic i haven't seen so many lowlifes in my life its actually insane i wish that this section would just vanish its probably the only way to get these people out of the community...
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