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    Hello Rune-Server,

    I have recently got back into the RSPS scene and was looking forward to making a new project, I've downloaded a client/server that i've been playing around with for a couple of days, seeing all of this i remember how difficult it was to do this solo and the lack of motivation, for this reason I am seeking a team, 2-3 developers .I'm looking to make a 474/OSRS type of server perhaps customizable to all personal preferences that won't be following the exact same footsteps of OSRS, instead I plan to take the alternate route where keeping the vibe of OSRS but adding a twist to it, I am not the best developer but I will be able to pitch in help and I am a fast learner. I will primarily focus on the marketing/funds and maintaining the positive community etc. Payment can be discussed but most likely will be done later once the server is up and running and donations are flowing. If interested comment below or PM so we can talk further in depth, cheers.
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