Hello everyone,

As some of you might know I work on my own personal project Arix, which is 317 loading OSRS data..
As I now started studying at the university I want to reduce my amount of game-time and focus fully on coding... for school I will start on a module HTML/CSS (God why) and I want to focus on Java & Kotlin by putting more work into RSPS etc.

Therefor I decided to open a 2nd project which will be customs based.
Looking for developers to join this project, Arix is my solo work rn but truly looking for a team for this, hmu if interested on Discord: Tutus Frutus#2862

We will be using GitHub as version control, your payment will be a % share of the in-come (vast rates can be discussed but will be payed out of the incoming donations)

Positions recruiting for:

-- Community Manager
-- Developer (2x)
-- Modeller (1-2x)
-- GFX Artist (In-house 1-2x)
-- Forum Developer/Admin
-- Funder (1x) (Kinda optional, not required but having one would be great)

Looking forward to some messages, for those interested in my project or my vouches see one of the 2 next threads:
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[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Note: For more in-depth details just hmu, it's in early stages so very well open for input.. hence why I dont put anything in stone