Thread: ::find (item) command coming up with 0 results? -reposted-

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  1. #1 ::find (item) command coming up with 0 results? -reposted- 
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    Would someone be able to help me out? I'm completely new and clueless on coding, and My old friend gave me a local client to play around on to help me learn some coding in regards to RSPS.
    My only problem is that the ::find command has stopped working, but was working perfectly fine just yesterday. Would it have come from moving location (ip's) or something along those lines? I've followed his instructions as to how i should open the client/server using the latest version of netbeans, and this seems to be the only command that doesn't seem to work.
    If someone could help me out it would be appreciated as I haven't changed/modified anything at all, apart from moving locations in the past 24 hours. (also was unsure as to where to post this thread and didn't want to chance posting it in a section it didn't belong to so I apologize in advance if this doesn't belong here either).
    As to restate, I'm completely new and know pretty much nothing on coding, just wanted to use this local client to teach myself a little bit in my free time and this is more or less a problem if I cannot get this to work as it's a crucial part to how i learn.
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    You might want to post the ::find command otherwise we can't help.
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