Hello everyone, hope you're having a magnificent day overall. I'm creating this post in hopes to obtain some developers who seek to create something great together. I currently have an online server called "Goliath" it is Ruse based, I have fixed money pouch dupes, glitches, etc. myself and also added 3 Osrs weapons; Abyssal Bludgeon, Abyssal Dagger, and Twisted Bow. I'm working on several other features I would like to add to the server however I would like assistance in doing so. Being a solo programmer can be overwhelming . I definitely want to keep this server going for years to come, and have no intentions to give up anytime soon. I hope someone with experience in either client or server sided work can reach out to me as both are in need.


Website: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

If you have any questions, comment or PM me on here. I'm interested in working with other developers that are less experienced, and even more experienced than me into creating something GREAT. Thanks