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    Hello to whoever is reading this! My names Josh and after not touching any code for a good 2-3 years I've had a sudden urge to return and work on something exciting!
    I've worked on a couple of project years back and messed around with alot of cool things before, but never really went the extra step in releasing my work or releasing an actual RSPS.

    About me
    I'm 22 years old [Male] from the United kingdom, I'm an outgoing, bubble person. I've recently lost my job so have all the time in the world to work on this!

    What I'm looking for
    I'm not looking for a work buddy, I'm looking for a friend! I'd love to find someone passionate about code and wants to work on this Project along side me until the end.
    By preference I'd like you to be over 18, mature and someone who can have a laugh! I mean let's be real, we have to make this somewhat fun right?!

    Your Experience
    I don't care if you do not have degree's or certifications representing your previous graduactions/education, just know how to read and write the code you're working with!
    Most of my experience is from self-taught projects I've worked on at home in my room so don't feel like you're not good enough, We're here to help eachother at the end of the day!

    My Experience
    I've worked with JAVA/C++/C/C#/HTML/CSS for just over 5 years, got a BTEC/B+ in computer programming/Computer science.

    No matter what happens regarding you, I'm releasing this project one way or another! Wether it's publicly for other developers to use or for the public to play! I'd love to get this up and running for people to play one day. If it comes to that I
    will be able to create a website/webclient for users to play, which will of course include a downloadable client!

    Discord (Preferably): ZEBRA#2013
    Steam: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I Look foward to hearing from someone!
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    what revision are you thinking of working with?
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