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    I have red most of the "Java for dummies" book recently, and am now able to read a lot of what I see in the codes. (Still struggle sometimes, but I am sure that will change after a while)

    However I am not really able to create anything myself. I would like to really start coding myself and learn how to create my own minigames for example, not just play around with the already existing codes. Sure I can get an rsps running that way, but nothing original.

    Maybe I am just making it too hard for myself, meaning I already understand how to code, but because there are so many files in a client/source I just don't know where to begin.

    Any tips/tricks from experienced players? Perhaps telling me how you started will give me some ideas.

    Thanks in advance.
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    One thing to note is that there's a difference from the engineering part from the syntax sprinkled with basic programs, what you likely learnt is the java syntax and now creating systems that function accordingly - what it doesn't teach you is the RSPS framework which is unique to the RSPS scene (relatively speaking) this means each base (ruse, ascend, PI, etc etc) are all different frameworks that are built differently.

    Finding a base and tinkering with it will be the best way for you to take the experience of learning syntax/basic programming and actually correlating what you've learnt with a larger scale project such as an RSPS
    get a feel for what goes where and how the objects are interacting with eachother

    other than that as advice i can't really be of much help, but keep in mind RSPS is a rats nest and you'll pick up many bad habits along the way, so i suggest staying mindful of that.

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    Honestly, YouTube is a great resource for this. There are hundreds of free videos that can help you understand the intricacies of object oriented programming. Once you start to see how the pieces fit together you'll be able to understand the source code you're working with much easier. You can also try taking a break from RSPS and instead write basic games in Java that use swing components and images, I promise you'll return a more competent programmer.
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