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    Unsure if right or wrong section but,
    Trying to get back into the rsps scene, kinda just miss it. 07 takes too much time and I like rs3 but I'm constantly using bonds and wasting time and not really progressing besides a few stats here and there.
    Wanting to try a server out again but wanting to see what you guys would suggest me to go for?
    I prefer Pvm over pk, Skilling isn't my go to but I do like having it benefit and be useful in a server.
    I like grinding but not at the rate 07 offers, obviously.

    Don't really know what to go try.

    Tl;dr: What server do you recommend?

    Add my discord; Syntaxx#5412
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    Valius constantly being updated, plenty for everyone. why not right?

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    Spoiler for vouches(20+):

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    PM me for more vouches!

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    I added you on discord, lets chat a bit. See if we cant find you one.
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