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    I haven't run a RSPS in 8 years were are the startup guides on how to run clients and servers these days?

    We didn't use IDEs, you didn't have to download a cache separately, and most everything important was in

    How do I even login to my own server?
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    Everything is basically the same. Things are packaged now as you obviously know (you mentioned it yourself).

    Downloading a cache separately doesn't affect anything? You just need to download it and place it where it's supposed to be.
    To be very honest with you, you're better off paying someone to help you or stick with playing RSPS. Rune-server is not like what it used to be. Just take a look at the help section yourself.
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    Load up a workspace in eclipse. Open a new project -> java project, set directory server folder. do it again set the folder to the client this time. Most clients have a with server IP and port. If not will be the place to look to find your way to the file that holds the information you want. Not much has changed other than osrs data. Everything else is basically the same with some extra additions to clean up client/server. I suggest using elvarg as the download comes with ./cache/ path for the cache find directory. You can find cache destinations in

    So to make things simple.
    Step 1. load server project to eclipse
    Step 2. load client project to eclipse
    Step 3. place cache in the proper destination (user.home is usually the main one)
    Step 4. run server as a java application on eclipse. Set main class to or w.e u have main server startup file named as.
    Step 5. run client as java appliation on eclipse. Set main class to Client.

    Don't forget to change IP to localhost, and ports to 43594 if u use different ones then change them accordingly. Hope I helped enough.

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