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    Hello, I'm Ravenboss, and my actual name is Joshua.

    Let me give you a small background:
    I know Java, I can read it to you like its English; I do suffer in some areas of development, which is why I'm looking for a team.

    We currently have a developer: who won't be on a a week or so.
    -A week is too long without content, we need more help in the server now.
    -We're looking for long-term team, so if all you know how to do is bugs, and move npcs around, please don't message me

    This offer is for serious inquires only, who would like to work with my team.

    Spots available:
    Head administrator -> event manager, promoter.
    Developer -> Someone who can work the client, and the in-game content from Raids re-works, to fixing up things that aren't 100% as should be.

    You may ask, why don't I complete these tasks my self?:
    I am having surgery on the 16th (in 6 days), and I'm preparing my self for it, I won't be able to be on the computer for a little.
    Some of these tasks are complex & I want them done now. But, by time I get to them, I'll be in the hospital, and my other developer still won't be able to join.

    Positive news:
    My other developer, hes still got the git on his local respitory. Therefore, he's been working on a complete raids re-work, since he finally got like 40% of our client done, finding different methods of things, to fix a lot of issues ingame..

    Examples of problems:
    When spamming circles (CLICKING AROUND FAST) whilst lag being on your computer, you can noclip through a wall, and usually end up just 2 spaces in a dead area, where you cant move.

    ^ How to fix this: pathing....
    We temporary have a :tuck command.

    If you are interested please give me a shout on discord, or pm me here.

    I won't accept someone with 2 vouches, or even 5. I have been used in the past, never again.

    Discord: joshua#1667
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    goodluck finding some one joshua!
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