Thread: anyone looking experimenced staff team manager? i can be you guy

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  1. #1 anyone looking experimenced staff team manager? i can be you guy 
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    if you are owner/coder, that get alot time, so why u dont use person keep all ok in game, person who is trusted and looking good and experimented staff team for you.
    staff team looking is little long proces, if u need coding and looking staffs ur own. that kidda hard do all alone, thats why is better for use staff manager, SM keep server safe, forums clean, staff team in daily, so nothing cant went wrong in game.
    something by me:
    i am 25 year old guy from finland, im working on market and im there staff manager that promote make me love staff manager work in irl and in game,
    my history;
    i got 10 year experience from every staff positions in runescape private server
    i can spend over 10h per day for private server.
    i never abuse anything, imma friendly and experimented player.
    i have been manager in many huge populary servers in my game history,

    if u interested pm me

    or pm me in discord
    #5259 miksi ei
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    Man I'm sorry, not to sound ignorant, but you really need to brush up on your english if you expect someone to consider you for a staff position on their server. Best of luck to you
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