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    Hey guys Iím very interested to be apart of an upcoming project. Why? Well because Iíve tried to get into this industry of hosting and havenít had any luck and with a long history or playing/ staffing and especially hosting servers Iíve never been involved with a successful one. Iím a very basic developer but Iíd more suit a founder/community manager role I can help contribute to the cost side of it and can deal with server sided problems while you focus on the development side.

    Abit about myself: my names Mitchell, I live on the very bottom of Australia in a small country town. I have a job as a heavy diesel fitter five days a week 8 hours a day. Iím normally the kid that plays by himself on most servers while all you guys are sleeping, my time zone isnít the best. Iíve been involved in this industry for probably 8 years Iíve seen it all well most of it.

    If my request is something that your looking for you can contact me via inbox here or on skype and discord.
    Skype: Mitchell5578
    Discord: mittywills #8018
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