Classic basic Runescape, 2007 but no osrs items nor bosses. Maybe eventually but to start I would rather try without. Custom minigames, and other content I plan to add will create depth and an enjoyable experience. I will provide VPS, webhosting and a server base, and a working client. Just looking for helpers no matter your experience level. I'm not looking for a quick cashout, I am doing this on my free time and for fun alone.

Skype: server.help1

Main concepts/goals for server,

Strong economy
Skilling can generate vast wealth and is actually very useful
PVM plays an important role in rare items brought into the game
Pking is a fun aspect with improved combat formulas
Stability, ability to hold a fair amount of players
Getting a 99 in any skill will feel like an achievement
Minigames can be very useful in regards to getting untradeable items.
A couple of unique quests


if you have any interest at all, I'd love for you to contact me.


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