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  1. #1 Looking for RSPS dev! To join new project! 
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    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a RSPS Developer to start a new RSPS server with me. I'll be paying the VPS or whatever which will be needed!

    The reason I'm looking for a RSPS Developer is that I just started a new Gaming Community. Which is called GameWire .

    I'm currently having a Minecraft Classic Server which is running 24/7. It's a LavaSurvival. As soon as I got a RSPS Developer and finally launched the RSPS I will be looking for a person which is willing to run a Counter-Strike Source server as already been told "I will pay the server bills" .

    What I'm aiming for is to make a very good gaming community where people will be able to connect to an awesome RSPS/MCS/CS's. As soon as we're making some profits I will be buying new servers for different games.

    What I got on my hands right now: vBulletin License, mods and stuff. Buying brand new template soon. VPS server and much more which you'll find out when you joined the team.

    If you're willing to take part send me a PM and lets talk about it.

    I hope that some experienced developers here in Rune-Server will be willing to take part in the project and joining my team
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    ill help.
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