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    New Project - Exiles
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    *Currently in the process of updating thread*

    Spoiler for Update Log:
    *I will only be posting significant updates that I feel should be mentioned for readability*
    [November - Current]
    - Fully implemented the Mage Arena II miniquest
    - Began updating the backgrounds of old interfaces
    - Fixed an issue with Kraken
    - Remade the slayer interface
    -- You can now get a new slayer task directly from the interface (No more going through so much dialogue!)
    -- You can now see all possible tasks for each slayer master
    - Revamped the achievement system + interface (inspired by OSRS Leagues)
    - Remade the drop table interface and optimized load times
    - Added the ability to "Examine" NPCS to open their droptable
    - Added a chest/mystery box interface that displays all possible rewards
    - Added the collection log

    [Previous Updates: September-October]
    - Reconfigured all xp skilling rates for each mode
    * Normal - x100 Combat, x30 Skilling
    * Legend - x20 Combat, x10 Skilling
    - Fixed the announcement of drops when killing bosses
    - Remade barrows chest reward interface to match osrs
    - Made achievement interface look a bit better
    - Revamped Titles interface
    - Remade the Guides interface
    - Remade the Starter interface
    * Revamped the starter items
    - Remade the daily task interface
    - Enhanced the output of asking a slayer master where your task is.
    - Added Konar slayer master
    * Doesn't have location based tasks yet...
    - Added swap spell book second option to altar at home
    - Revamped Sigmund the Merchant
    * Added a quick sell option
    * No longer opens a shop, he just buys your items.
    - Fixed an issue with auto retaliate
    - Configured/Added new donator ranks
    * Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Dragonstone, Onyx, Zenyte
    - Added updated OSRS bank interface with quantity config buttons
    - Fixed an issue with wilderness level and icon not showing when in wilderness
    - Raid Fixes/Improvements
    * Changed to a different skilling room with the ability to complete the room
    * Added a delay to the thieving room chests
    * Raids is now completable (Still a ton of bugs...)
    - Added a double click teleport for wilderness teleports as a warning system
    - Fixed an issue with npcs not despawning after raid completion (Shows up in other raids too)
    - Enabled Galvek boss event alongside the Monster Hunt event
    * Galvek spawns on top of the grand exchange (::Galvek) every so often
    * Defeat him with other players for great rewards
    ** Added this so people who don't want to participate in Wilderness group bossing can still participate.
    - Completely revamped the Daily Task system
    * New Interface
    - Added the saving of client mode (Fixed/Resizable)
    * Loads your preferred client mode on login
    - Created a guides interface system
    - Added an identifier to achievements to show that they're completed (green text/name)
    - Configured ground item names to a cleaner/easier to read font
    * Added functionality of 'M' and 'K' to make it easier on the eyes
    - Created a new map for the home area
    - Added WOGW recent donators
    - Added the saving of all settings across sessions
    - Redesigned settings interface
    * Properly shows current settings on login
    - Added the saving of FKeys across sessions
    - Reworked Clue Expert with dialogue (Master Clues)
    - Added favorite teleport functionality
    - Added recent teleport functionality
    - Added updated bank interface
    * Added button to equipment screen from bank
    - Added a new tutorial for new players
    - Added a new Starter interface
    - Added new WOGW interface
    - Added OSRS slayer interface
    - Added new Teleport interface
    - Added new Quest Tab interface
    - Added Useful Links tab interface

    Spoiler for Media:
    Media from the initial state of the game:
    Spoiler for Initial Media:

    Media from updates after the initial project thread start date:
    Spoiler for Updated Media:
    *Media of recent updates will be added frequently*
    Mage Arena II

    Collection Log

    Barrow's Pets

    Chest/Mystery Box/Boxes Possible Reward Interface

    New drop table interface + examine npc to load it's droptable

    New achievement system + interface (inspired by OSRS Leagues)

    New Slayer interface, with ability to get task straight from interface and view all possible tasks from each master

    Example of replacing all old interface background with updated one + added bank pin button

    Thank you for taking the time to view the project thread.
    I'm looking forward to making progress and documenting it along the way.

    Starting Base: Anguish (Ethos, OSV)
    Credits: OSV Team, Ethos Team, Anguish Team, Goon, Kid Buu and others

    I'm looking for beta testers! PM my Discord if you're interested in a small closed beta! Astra#0605

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    Best of luck looks nice
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    looks good
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    good luck man
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    gl lads
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    best of luck!
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    New Project - Exiles
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    Thanks everyone.

    Updated thread with more media.
    I'll be going through all the skills and breaking them down based on the features that are completed and things that need to be added/worked on.
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    Watch good content, find a new RSPS or advertise your RSPS!
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    Great additions and fixes. Looking good. I'll be following this!
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    best of luck fellas
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