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    • When will Imagine release?
      At the moment, looking to release sometime in December. More information will follow as we continue to progress with development.
    • What is going to happen on release?
      It is very hard for us to give a timeline of when things will be completed at this time. Beta is live now; our best ETA that can be provided at this very moment is December to January.
    • Can we test the server?
      You can inquire to join the BETA testing team - more information can be found on our discord!


    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]- Owner/Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Co-Owner/Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Modeller/Developer


    Our goal is simple. We want to provide the best custom server experience in the rsps scene. We were online for three years and maintained 100+ online for over two years. We wrote unique content and still have a rather large community, despite being down for maintenance right now. Sadly, Imagine was not originally designed for longevity. So we are taking it slow and building this from scratch; designing the game layout from the ground up.

    I'll update this section with our plans / updates / ideas as we continue to progress over the next few weeks!

    Official Development Log:

    -Switched from bit-bucket to GitHub. ❤️
    -HEAVILY cleaned/refactored the source/client.
    -Rewrote the previous command system:
    -->Commands cannot be abused.
    -->All commands have examples and descriptions.
    -->Total commands list has been added. (
    -Fixed interfaces not closing on character movement.
    -Fixed sending messages without format arguments.
    -Disabled first-person view mode.
    -Gradleized the client/source.
    -Fixed "fixed" mode on the client.
    -All item definitions have been cleaned.
    -->Removed 70% of the previous items that were in-game that were low-quality &/OR revolved around content that is being removed.
    -Fixed several weapon effects/set effects that never worked.
    -Removed 1m/500m/1b tokens.
    -Removed Elite Game Mode.
    -Changed Donator rank names/total donated requirements as well as the drop rate bonuses:
    -->Donator --> RcoyAml.png Donator, 5, 25
    -->Super Donator --> FIVPSDA.png Bronze Donator, 10, 50
    -->Extreme Donator --> cNIGP8y.png Iron Donator, 15, 100
    -->Legendary Donator --> ShH8QnU.png Mithril Donator, 20, 250
    -->Divine Donator -> QvFle4d.png Gold Donator, 25, 500
    -->VIP --> rfIO8eY.png Platinum Donator, 30, 1000
    -->Sponsor --> 48ncRuB.png Diamond Donator, 35, 2500
    -->Moneybags --> pQrJAjt.png Onyx Donator, 40, 5000
    -Removed referrer's drop rate bonus.
    -->Max drop rate is now 75%, instead of 225%.
    -->You can reach a 100% drop rate bonus with the Item Donation Event active.
    -->You can reach 110% drop rate bonus with the Scorpion Set Equipt, as well as the Item Donation Event, being Active.
    -->Scroll of Efficiency can only give 1-5% Drop Rate Bonus now.
    -Removed Pet/Sets 2-handed & 1-handed damage bonuses.
    -Completely cleaned the cache. All "junk" models/data has been removed.
    -->Successfully implemented JS5 as our cache distribution system.
    -OpenGL implementation has been improved.
    -->All texture/model related issues have been fixed.
    -Added a guild system, fixed all previous game modes, and implemented the new starter interfaces. (,
    -->Guilds: (
    -->The Royal Army
    --->Headquarters - Royal Army Palace & Training Camp.
    --->Tutorial - Quest: "The last Royal Artifact"
    ---->All melee damage is increased by  5%.
    ---->All gold drops are increased by 25%.
    -->The Wild Ones
    --->Headquarters - Wild Ones Swamp & separate hidden clan building.
    --->Tutorial - Fight Scene: "The wilders versus the Corporeal Beast"
    ---->All ranged damage is increased by 5%
    ---->15% drop rate bonus on slayer tasks.
    -->Ajax's Stone
    --->Headquarters - Ajax's Stone Circle -> teleports you to the Ajax's stone wizard tower.
    --->Tutorial - Cut-scene: "None shall pass"
    ----->All magic damage is increased by 5%.
    ----->Drop potential requires 10% less kills.
    -Blind effect fixed up.
    -Stone effect functionality added.
    -Trickster set blind effect removed.
    -Title system fixed up with effects.
    -The information tab has been redone. (
    -Pets/Titles systems have been rewritten and interfaces have been made for both. (get images).
    -Upgrading items interface has been created. (
    -Settings interface has been remade. (
    -Armour Stats: (Melee) have been redone.
    -Armour Stats: (Range) have been redone.
    -Armour Stats: (Mage) have been redone.
    -Armour stats: (Shield) have been redone.

    What Imagine achieved previously:

    Imagine is, was, will be the only fully custom server:
    We went as far as to build our own custom player panel and community forum.
    Imagine is, was, will be one of very few (couldn't name any other, so I'll say few) servers to deliver BIS items purely from monster drops or events.
    Imagine is, was, will be the only server that actually produces professional-grade models, maps, and content:
    Each equipment model was designed to fit both male and female characters.
    Each NPC modeled was animated to have an attack, block, death, and other combat-related animations.
    Each map modeled to fit the scenario.
    And don't forget our very own custom raids; fully combat-scripted monsters, strategically designed mechanics per monster and per stage. Puzzles and features designed from scratch. I could keep going on about it, but let's just leave it at... it was good. (It ain't bragging, it's just facts)
    Imagine was one of, if not the first servers to have fully attributed items:
    It may not be very noticeable from a player's perspective, but it gives the server the ability to do proper degrading, has a use limit, gives the item different stats than its default without actually having to change the item.
    With the number of core changes implemented, we had many economical issues, but still maintained one of the steadiest economies in the scene for over 3 years:
    For those who may be skeptical, Imagine's economy averaged around 1 billion to 10 quintillion. Removing the 9 zeros (since our economy begins at 1 billion), the economy averaged around 1 coin to 10 billion, which is parallel to the OSRS economy.
    Minor but critical detail, we're an actual customs server. We are possibly the only customs server that doesn't use torva recolored as 90% of their custom equipment
    Our fully customizable client with HD features, including OpenGL:
    Our client is one of the most advanced clients in the rsps scene. Definitely the most advanced custom server client.

    What is there to expect when Imagine goes live again:

    • A better economy in general constructed to provide proper interaction between players.
      • All currency will be reduced to coins, instead of a 1 billion starting base, we'll be at the regular 1 coin.
      • Features such as Item Exchanger, will be revamped to serve a better purpose than simply inserting gold into the game.
      • Items obtained as drops will have more than 2 purposes; using till you find something better and selling to make some money.
    • Complex mechanics for bosses - One major thing we were lacking at the beginning of the server.
      • Bosses will have proper map mechanics, monster combat mechanics, and object/map interactions.
    • A playthrough guide to learning the game while being productive and beneficial.
      • Small quests/to-do's that will provide instructions to learning new features while providing beneficial rewards.
    • Far more detailed and professionally redesigned models
      • We never updated any previously existing models that we had when acquiring the server, it's about time we fix that.
    • Proper forum, web, and discord integration. Following but not limited to implementations will apply
      • Discord user integration to the website, to inGame user account; allowing the user to set up security measures
      • Forum announcement integration to inGame, displaying any vital information inGame
      • InGame user account to the website, displaying any and all user information
      • Local punishment system to the website, displaying and sanctioning users and their punishment on the website
      • Discord bot integration, allowing the user to view vital user information via Discord
    • Rewards for certain activity on forums.
      • Successfully approved guides will reward players for their contributions.
    • Fixing up the friends list
      • Favoriting and blocking fix
    • Payment on delivery system
      • Sending friends an item with an invoice, allowing a friend to accept and pay the price.
    • Starter equipment adaptation
      • Equipment for all combat types will be provided with proper complimentary items
    • A new adaptive title system
      • Titles that have custom traits, providing different bonuses
    • Attendance system rewritten
      • Not sure how players managed to break it (It's OBV. you, and not the system), but it will be rewritten.
      • Rewards for each increment.
    • Buff system rewritten
      • Allowing players to buff other players and debuff monsters.
      • A container dedicated to buffs
    • Revamped store system
      • Primary store purchases will consist of purchasing credits.
      • Store for purchasing items will be available in-game, allowing you to purchase items with your credits without having to go to the website.
      • Gifting system, and payment on delivery dedicated to storing, allowing you to send items to players.
    • Faction System
      • A buff system (faction exclusive) allowing you to buff nearby faction members
      • A faction wide storage (if given permission by the leader)
      • Faction exclusive benefits
    • Properly designed interfaces to show vital information
      • Daily/weekly/monthly tasks
      • Active and upcoming events
      • Messages left for you by staff members
    • Fully working skills with proper data
      • Mixture of osrs/rs3 data, along with custom mechanics.
      • All non-combat skills have custom implementations, providing newer ways to level skills, and newer items.
      • Anti-bot implementations, preventing you from botting skills and combat
    • Nerfing combat data entirely
      • Instead of every bonus ending with 5 zeros (i.e. 100000000 strength bonus), we'll be scaling everything down evenly.
    • Proper banking system
      • First tab showing all items
      • Storable presets (Inventory, equipment, and buffs)
      • Upgrade system integration to the bank (Allowing the player to upgrade equipment using upgrade stones from all containers)
    • Revamped donator ranks
      • All donation ranks will be incrementally beneficial
    • Subscription system
      • A weekly, monthly, and annual subscription-based addition
      • Rewards provided daily (incremental better based on the type of subscription)
    • Timed messages
      • Instead of server spamming messages over and over, it will limit to sending the same message once every 'x' seconds
    • Toggleable messages
      • A toggle option for different types of messages
    • New combat mechanics
      • Ability to blind an enemy: Enemy cannot attack you for the duration
      • Ability to stone an enemy: All buffs, debuffs, & prayers are removed from the enemy while immobile for the duration
      • Ability to stun an enemy: Enemy is immobile for the duration
      • Ability to burn an enemy: Enemy is damaged on intervals for the duration (All healing done by the enemy is reduced by 35%)
      • Ability to poison an enemy: Enemy is damaged on intervals for the duration (Accuracy and Defense of the enemy is reduced by 20%)
      • Ability to become invincible: Entity is invincible for the duration
      • Ability to become enraged: Entity's damage is increased for the duration
      • Stone will override all other positive and negative effects
      • Burn will override poison
      • Stun cannot override invincibility
      • Invincibility will override all negative effects except stone and stun
    • Interactable Equipment: All should be for a duration, damage based effects should allow variable damage input
      • Ability to make entity invincible
      • Ability to make your hits explode, having a dynamic chance of burning your enemy and dealing increased damage
      • Ability to make your hits burn the enemy (if not already burning)
      • Ability to deal increased damage
      • Ability to increase your soulsplit prayer effect by a percentage
      • Ability to reflect damage taken to enemy based on percentage, default 10%
      • If the enemy does 70 damage, entity return 7 damage
      • Ability to decrease enemy's defense by a percentage
      • Ability to decrease enemy's accuracy by a percentage
      • Ability to blind your enemy
    • Improved costume system
      • Non-combat costumes that will provide different bonuses
    • Item lending
      • Our previous attempt at this did not go too successful, we were unable to successfully test and fix all of the issues, therefore it was removed.
      • Lending will take place via the trading system, allowing you to lend items for upwards of 30 days.
    • Item attribute display
      • Toggleable hover interface displaying vital information when hovering over items
    • Revamped command system
      • Will provide proper arguments required to execute a command when done wrong
      • Description and Example of command on inGame interface and website
    • Monsters that are bosses should have a health bar variant to suggest that they're a boss.
    • Weekend Events (All of the following events at the same time)
      • Every Hour players receive all buffs (default time)
      • All experience received is increased by 15%
      • Certain items go on sale in donation stores
      • No death penalty buff
    • Weekday Events (Two days of the weekday are chosen at random - 1 event is activated for the entirety of day)
      • 50% Increase in drop rate bonus
      • 50% Increase in experience gained
      • Donation credits are increased by 10%
    • Revamped Game Modes
      • Elite system started off good, ended up not too good. It needs a revamp
      • Other game modes providing different benefits
    • Experience modes providing different benefits
      • OSGP & RS3 gold conversion is increased by 25%

    Current Game Media: (Updated on 11/5/2019)
    Spoiler for Click here:

    Update Posts: (Updated on 11/21/2019)

    Spoiler for Click here:

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    Goodluck dude
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    If this has Ryley it's destined for greatness. Gl.
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    Good luck Hank : )
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    It's on track to be the sickest custom server to date, no doubt
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    So you have 2 servers out or what

    OT: good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett the Don View Post
    So you have 2 servers out or what

    OT: good luck
    Doesn't he always?
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    QBD is inspirational, amazing man!

    I also enjoy seeing rs3 bosses/rs2 in an osrs server
    changing osrs forever
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    I remember playing this ages ago Best of luck to the re - release and looking forward to it.
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