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    Release date: UNKOWN

    We have closed Death's Server publicly for the time being to focus on updates,

    Nothing stupid crazy has been implemented as of yet but here is a log of what the team has put out.

    Spoiler for 3 Week Update:

    Update 1:
    edited credit shop 1
    added and edited credit shop 3
    fixed and added chaotic longsword
    fixed and added chaotic crossbow
    fixed justicar stats
    fixed a couple weapon animations
    fixed a more few stats
    fixed dragon bolt special effect "blood forfiet"
    fixed graphic for dragon bolt special
    fixed onxy bolts effect
    fixed anim for onxy bolts effect
    added an anti bot method to thieving
    added chance to recieve blood money from home stalls
    Bracelet Of Ethereum effect added
    think i fixed voting system, claim commands are ::voted ::auth ::claimvote ::claimvotes
    fixed quest tab issue with updaate log
    fixed issue with quest tab kill tracker
    fixed issue with quest lab links
    fixed issue with quest tab info
    added staff of the dead special attack
    added special attack to twisted bow
    fixed absorb damage issue
    added system to improve your ELO rating "soon to be ranamed" through player kills
    added latest update interface
    fixed a few links to donator store
    fixed rev teleport issue
    added 30 second timer to cast vangence
    fixed inferno minigame and spawns
    custom item shop added
    slayer task port fixed
    members boss "corrupt sorceress" added graphics and animations
    couple ladders fixed
    fixed an issue with task queue's
    added public increment of boss chests opened
    added (i) ring, peg/etern/prim boots, whip and tentacle to blood money store
    greater demon slayer tasks re-added
    added chance to gain blood money through smithing and smelting
    added blood money chance to hunter skilling
    fixed issue with trees flowers herbs ect on farming, compost should now also work
    fixed couple general issues in raids, should now also be able to get loot from raids
    fixed a raids interface
    added prestige points and killstreak to stats tab

    Update 2:
    added rope swing to agility courses
    added chance to get blood money from cooking
    added items back to casket
    fixed chatbox trading issue (you can now click the pink text to trade)
    added rune ore, dragon bolts, zulrah scales,magic logs, trident of the seas, dream log, ancient shard, and magic root to extreme donor box
    added hourly loyalty reward for active players
    added abiliy to rest and regain energy
    added new boss crystal abyssal demons -beta-
    fixed an issue with barbarian agility teleport
    added staffzone port
    nerfed thieving caskets giving out 25m
    fixed issue spawning world boss
    angry bear chest added times looted, who its been looted by and removed a bug
    boss chest added times looted, by whom, and removed a bug
    implemented a restriction on staff flower poker
    implemened restruction on staff gamble
    added recolor shop 3 -beta-
    added verac jr pet
    made vorkath more difficult
    added spacebar to continue dialog with npcs
    Hobgoblin geomancer combat effects added
    Hobgoblin prayer disable added, enjoy the challenge
    Hobgoblin graphics added
    Zulrah effects added
    Zulrah graphics added
    Icybones graphics added
    Blood money chance added to cooking skill
    Twisted bow special changed
    Twisted bow special effect added, health regeneration
    Added level definitions to a few Npcs that were missing them
    Added loader to boot bosses on source load up

    Update 3:
    updated some mobs systems (bosses)
    updated skotizo
    updated vorkarth ( few bugs to fix)
    updated cerberus
    updated entity coding
    updated and added rune golem boss
    fixed 4 projectiles bugs
    fixed dwarfcannon bug
    fixed another 4 projectile bugs
    added bloodmoney chance wo woodcutting
    added bloodmoney chance to runecrafting
    added gem rocks to mining
    added bloodmoney chance to mining
    added verac armour effect
    added guthan armour effect
    added torag armour effect
    added bloodmoney chance to fletching
    added bloodmoney chance to fishing


    slightly edited barrows
    re added a donator interface with options to spend your credits on
    added boss loader to source login
    added playerbackup to source login
    added interface to zombies minigame
    re added some interfaces to g.e
    added another interface to players settings
    re added void knights rewards interface
    added bounty hunter
    added killcount to godwars dungeon
    blood runes can now only be crafted by members
    added karil armour effect
    added dwarf/random events to mining
    added ahrim special effect
    added ahrim special effect graphics
    added guthns special graphic
    added karils special effect graphics
    added torag special effect graphics
    added barbed, infernal, and dragon harpoons
    added fishing spots for all of said harpoons
    bonfires have a chance of receiving blood money
    added new task to achievement diary

    Spoiler for Week 4/5 Update:

    Added client launcher, in the mist of customizing it.

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    All the best mate

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    best of luck man

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    update added
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    Update 10/15/2019
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