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    • When will Soulsplit release?
      At the moment, there is not set in stone
      date. Soulsplit, Soulspawn, and Alotic will release once we
      have progressed comfortably with development
    • Can we recover our accounts?
      Unfortunately no, we are offering a fresh
      beginning to a nostalgic journey.
    • Can we test the server?
      You can inquire to join the BETA testing team - more information can be found at our community forums and discord!


    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]- Owner
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Owner
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Client Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Modeller/Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Website Developer
    • [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Manager


    Our goal is to rebirth a giant that has once taken over the industry. We strive to not only offer you a nostalgic experience but also expand with updated content, new features, and a new journey! We tend to accomplish our success by working closely with you to provide exactly what you're looking for. We flourish off criticism and suggestions. If you're looking for a server where you'll be heard and your ideas will be implemented, then Soulsplit is exactly the place for you.
    Join Soulsplit and start your adventure today. Together, we'll climb to the top.

    We have limited the amount of updates previewed in this log, please refer to our community forums for more updates!

    Official Development Log:

    -Ironman Mode
    -To create an Ironman account, select it from the 'advanced mode' drop-down when you first create your account. Existing accounts are not eligible to be Ironman.
            No player-to-player trades
            No Grand Exchange trades
            No picking up drops from other players
            No Lootshare
            No XP or loot in PvP
            No multiplayer minigames
            Dungeoneering is solo only
            No Social Slayer
    0Ironman accounts come with titles and chat badges to show off their prestigious status, and there are Ironman hiscores to compete on. The real reward, though, is knowing that every hard-won victory is yours alone.
    -Hardcore Ironman    
    -Mr Ex can sell you a jar of divine light, which will change a Hardcore Ironman character to an Ironman character. Note that all changes are irreversible.
    -Fixed the white sprite background issue.
    -Fixed mouse clicking and right clicking when using java versions >8.
    -Added 2011 font faces, discarded all old ones.
    -Added multi-crown support. All crowns you have access to will be shown (membership and staff or ironman and staff, for example)
    -Right clicking near the world map/SoulSplit extras orb will no longer eat your context menu
    -We have successfully finished our plugin system which will allow us to get content pushed out MUCH quicker than before with the older, depreciated systems that were there previously. (Large backend update; Kotlin, co-routines baby)
    -PMing/friends list was fixed.
    -Examine on NPC's was fixed.
    -New interfaces were added: (not implemented live yet, but are completed)
      Teleport interface
      Presets interface
      OSRS slayer interface
      NPC kill tracker
      Achievement tracker
    -Master Farmer was added:
        Spawns were added at Draynor & Ardougne.
    -Reworked agility course completion checking to evaluate in scope per player not a global scope (Everyone receives rewards now).
    -Disabled the use of familiars inside the duel arena.
    -Fixed a mistake in logic preventing users from receiving items post duel.
    -Fixed a visual bug causing spoils not appearing on the duel victory interface.
    -The following NPC's had their combat defense stats nerfed:
       Corporeal Beast
    -Shop System was completely re-done:
        Backend was optimized to allow us to easily add/modify existing shops.
        Shop prices will no longer decrease based on the amount of items that are sold to the general store. (So, skilling will be much more profitable).
    -Fixed alchemy not correctly returning to the spell book.
    -Fixed a regression which caused mining rocks and other objects to disappear when they were de-spawned.
    -Redirected portal inside Clan Wars safe area to teleport the player to their respective home location instead of in the middle of wild.
    -Shooting stars:
        Added success rolling for shooting stars based on difficulty. Added support for first-miner bonus on shooting stars.
        Added support for receiving stardust per successful mine on shooting stars. The amount of stardust obtainable per player capped at 200.
        Ensure player's action is reset if the shooting star disappears before finished.
        Added prospecting support for shooting stars. It will display the current stage of the star, level required to mine and percent to next layer.
    -Added stat requirements to agile equipment. 
    -Tweening has been added.
    -Several memory improvements were made.
        Several issues in maps/roofs/etc... were all fixed/optimized.
        Textures/models/etc... were all fixed/optimized.
        IdentityKit System was improved (fixes pink hair -> adds support for more colors).
    -Fixed an issue where performance would degrade over time causing consistent fps dips.
    -Update server:
        After the initial download, only individual files that are updated, will be ddownloaded when we do a client/cache update.
    -Fixed projectiles from crashing the client.
    -Fixed a visual glitch which allowed you to have the same item in different bank tabs.
    -PKP shop's prices were tweaked (nerfed slightly).
    -Prevention was added for chinchompas from getting dropped or being collected by ava's.
    -Mage bank lever will no longer glitch into the wall.
    -Added the Castle Wars stepping stones obstacle functionality.
    -Korasi Sword's max hit was buffed:
            The max hit is now an additional 70% of your max hit; instead of the previous 50%
            It also scales with NPC's now for an additional 110% of your max hit.
    -Fixed a dungeoneering item smuggle issue.
    -Added Slayer dungeon agility shortcut functionality (level requirements is 81).
    -Flowers from mithril seeds appear globally and stay visible for 30 seconds.
    -Pumpkin's were made tradeable.
    -Fixed Chaos Elemental safe-spotting.
    -Fixed part of wilderness not being counted as a wilderness area.
    -Major fixes to combat following were made. Should solve a majority of pathing issues (Mainly, PVP related issues):
            Attacking from under a player was fixed.
            Diagonal combat issues were fixed.
            Not being able to follow a player from a couple of squares away was fixed.
            Hugging/anti-hugging was fixed.
            Attacking with range/magic now works as soon as the distance limits are reached.
    -Vote tickets will now go to player's banks by default.
    -Items won from a duel fight will now be added to the bank if there is no room in the player's inventory.
    -Added support for extreme potion creating and other missing potion definitions for Herblore.
    -Added support to grind whitelisted items for herblore use.
    -Fixed lap completion rewards on all agility courses.
    -Proper 32K+ object interaction support was added to the client.
    -Mystery boxes will no longer delete items when your inventory is full, they will be dropped below you.
    -Farming bushes are now fixed.
    -Backend adjustments to further secure the website
    -Fixed an issue with joining a clan feature on website
        Fixed an issue with leaving a clan
        Fixed quite a few javascript errors
    -Fixed a few issues with multi-domain support
            Alotic + Soulspawn + Soulsplit
    -Fixed an issue with some icons that weren't being loaded properly
    -Fixed an issue regarding the store categories and items that weren't being displayed properly
    -API rewritten to be more universal
    -Fixed issue in vote where it wouldn't return the proper 'toplist ID'
    -Administrator CP has been completed
    -Moderator CP now has access to player logs in addition to some small issues fixed
    -Added discord linking page
            Players must link their discord to the website in order to receive access and rank(s)
    -Issues with 'credit transfers' have been isolated and fixed, system should be perform much better now.
    -Added voting
    -Added flip rewards
            Flip's will now become Soulspawn exclusive
            Discontinued on Soulsplit and will not appear on Alotic
    -Added credits
        Finished store management (categories, items, etc.)
    -Option to withdraw 'X' has been added
    -Duo slayer has been added
            Ability to request and add a partner
            Added 'Partner' option to Enchanted gem for slayer
    -Bank placeholders will now set properly in other tabs.
    -We have added multiple different Donator tiers
            All in-game benefits and perks have been added in the game;
                Information on the tier's available can be found on the last development blog
                Player's current tier is resolved on initialization
    -Added Saradomin brew crafting support
              Addition of tiara achievement and Saradomin brew achievement
    -Fixed enter price, price bounds, close buttons, price percentages for Grand Exchange.
    -Fixed game objects regional issues (No more object disappearing while skilling/etc...)
    -Added crystal and muddy key chests
    -Time tracking added to the server.
    -Added 'kill Jad in under 3 minutes' achievement.
    -Boss instancing added with interface + parties.
    -Fixed the castle-wars set bonus (wrong helm id).
    -Fixed black mask's damage bonus.
    -Fixed Berserker's Necklace + Obsidian weapons damage bonus.
    -Fixed darklight damage bonus.
    -Several combat adjustments
            Re-wrote the MeleeMaxHit method with the proper calculations
            Fixed the prayer bonuses amounts for max-hit calculation
            Re-wrote the getEffectiveStrength method with the proper calculations.
    -Added several item identifiers.
    -Removed which-doctor damage-effect (wrong bonus for the armour).
    -Fixed an issue with Amulet of Zealot's prayer penalty
    -Fixed Rigour's prayer adjustment bonus
            Max hit bonus should function accordingly
    -Fixed prayer adjustment values for Attack, Defence, Range, & Magic Accuracy formulas.
    -Fixed Void bonuses with accuracy formulas.
    -Re-wrote the EffectiveLevel method (accuracy formula) with proper calculations/rounding (will require further testing)
    -Re-wrote the RangeMaxHit method with the proper calculations. (will require further testing)
    -Fixed magic spells with the wrong magic base-hit values.
    -Fixed damage modifier for magic_dart's maxhit bonuses.
    -Fixed arcane stream/blast/pulse necklace maxhit bonuses.
    -Fixed god spell bonuses for maxhit calculations.
    -Added Salve Amulet(e)'s maxhit bonus for magic.
    -Added Black_Mask maxhit bonus for magic.
    -Cooking skill has been completely re-written with proper data/mechanics
    -Mining skill has been completely re-written with proper data/mechanics
            Gems, LRC, all objects added
    -Woodcutting skill has been completely re-written with proper data/mechanics
            Proper wait-times
    -Firemaking skill has been completely re-written with proper data/mechanics
    -Castle Wars Minigame has been completely re-written with proper data/mechanics
            Crumbling Walls
            Barricades, etc...
    -New Quest Tab system written. Old system completely removed
            Player's will be given a new interface to view server statistics, personal statistics and more!
    -Added quest points;
            We removed unnecessary and pointless quests
    -Prayer constants/configs/interface re-done for the new prayer interface with bonus percentages.
     -Added skill menu dialog to display skilling products with desired quantity amount to add into the Player's inventory
            Ability to ex. cook 'x' amount you select
    -The following item's have had their special attacks adjusted and fixed accordingly;
        Dragon Dagger(s) special attack damage
        Dragon spear special attack GFX.
        Abyssal Whip special attack accuracy.
        Saradomin Sword special attack accuracy.
            Saradomin Sword special attack damage.
        Every Godsword's special attack accuracy.
            Every Godsword's special attack damage.
        Dragon mace special attack accuracy.
        Dragon scimitar special attack accuracy.
        Dragon longsword special attack accuracy.
            Dragon longsword special attack damage.
        Barrelchest Anchor special attack damage.
    The following NPC's have had their drop table re-written/adjusted/fixed:
        Spiritual mage
        Spiritual Ranger.
        Spirit Warrior
        Pest Queen
        Mithril Dragon
        Lesser Demon
        Jungle Strykewyrm
        Iron Dragon
        Infernal mage
        Ice Strykewyrm
        Kalphite guardian
        Mutated jadinko
        Kalphite queen
        King black dragon
        Kril tsutsaroth
     -Updated the texture system.
     -Low definition/High definition Texture toggle.
    -Fixed issue with HD minimap concerning wrong texture colors.
    -Fixed an issue regarding Grand Exchange Texture sprites.
    -Fixed an issue with lent items icon appearing behind items.
    -Item information interface added
            This will feature basic information on requirements, statistics and more
    -667 skillcape customization "system" added w/ interface
            This will allow player's to fully customize their max/completionist capes on Soulsplit
    -Boss instancing interface added
            Players will now have the ability to instance specific bosses of their choice
    -Custom keybinds have been adjusted to a dropdown instead of input set previously
    -The ability to toggle "names" above a player/NPC has been added
    -High definition tile lighting has been added
            Fixed 'Tile Overlays/underlays' colors.
    -Issues concerning 'Depth Buffering' have been resolved
    -Model rendering improvements done.
    -Fixed camera zoom
    -Discord rich presence added
            Discord users will now display "playing Soulsplit" as a game

    Multiple servers: Soulsplit, Soulspawn, and Alotic.
    Balance: Perfected between PvP and Economy
    Skilling: Fully functional skills using pre-eoc content such dungeoneering
    Accuracy: A realistic feeling in every aspect of the server ranging from combat with accurate formulas, timing and fighting mechanics
    Variety: A wide range of dungeons and training areas, mechanics matching pre-eoc content
    Wilderness: All of the Wilderness bosses and activities + more!
    Client: Fully customizable client with HD features
    Integration: Full integration between the website, forum, discord, and server
    Team: Professional and mature staff team to help you enjoy your experience!
    Achievements: 100+ various Achievements with unique rewards for each one. Includes 4 tiers of Easy, Medium, Hard & Elite!

    Spoiler for Click here:

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    I support this project! Been Beta/Bug testing and developers are hard at work!
    [. . . nothing]
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    Can promise a lot of work has been put into this, it's startin to look really nice!

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    Damn thats a stacked team, good luck guys!
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    Good luck dude
    MY DISCORD IS Optimum#9547
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    Good luck!, thought ss already rleased?
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    No thanks.
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    10/10 would ddos tbh.
    Spoiler for sig too large:

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    Nice job christy mack & riley reid

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