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    Take arms against hordes of the undead, sail into the ocean and catch exotic fish, chop crystallized trees, farm the souls of your foes! Empyrean gives you a unique RSPS experience. We offer unseen content in the form of custom-made monsters, bosses, skilling resources, maps, weapons, and armour. This is the official project thread of Empyrean, be sure to check back for updates and announcments!




    StanDev (Game)
    Mr. Robot (Game / Website)




    Lumplum (Models)
    Its.teewhy (Maps)

    Spoiler for Updates:

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    The Undead Massacre

    Spoiler for Undead Massacre:
    The idea

    If you are an individual that’s been deeply longing for an experience with engaging FEAR, EXCITEMENT, and illustrious immersive STORIES accompanying you along ignoble paths as you journey through numerous sinister sectors, putting countless foul creatures to the SWORD , including...... THE UNDEAD Empyrean brings you the undead massacre!

    This mini-game series, in essence, is about fighting waves of undead monsters. However, there is a storyline that you can progress in the form of new areas. Each area is an instance of the mini-game that is home to a different kind of undead monsters. You complete an area by defeating that area’s boss.

    The mechanics

    Fearlessly challenging hordes ALONE or standing side-by-side among your most virtuous friends the choice is yours! Countless creatures push to the forefront to defend their sovereign overlords! it is up to you to strategize, raid caches, stockpile supplies, and put an end to this terror!

    Spawn mechanics

    The essential barrier to overcome was in the monster spawn mechanics. We create an initial spawn configuration for each area (to avoid an unnecessary cost in terms of processing time.) This configuration consists of all non-blocked tiles in the area, as to avoid monsters spawning in walls, water etc... The final configuration must also take into account dynamically set collision masks, these can be as a result of player-made constructions (e.g. barriers) and game objects generated through wave mechanics. After filtering the initial configuration, to pass the aforementioned conditions, we scramble and iterate over the possible spawn locations. As a final validation, we use an A* pathfinding algorithm that tries to generate a path to one of the players, if a path can be generated then the monster will spawn at that location (if not, then it moves on to check the next iteration.)

    Reward chests

    When opened the chest releases magic projectiles that travel to random players in your team, on impact the projectile transforms into consumables in the form of ground items. These items will be immediately visible to your team members.


    If you dare, traverse through each overlords domain swarmed and defended its own hellish legion.

    Reanimated Dead Town

    This area is the first installment of the undead massacre series. The area’s defining type is zombies and necromancers. The area’s exclusive mechanics is grave spawning. Every killed zombie has a chance of leaving behind a grave (a game object, the type of which depends on the type of zombie who left it.) These graves can be enchanted by necromancers (which appear in later waves) to re-animate the zombie who left it. Teams can choose to destroy these graves to stop a necromancer from potentially re-animating the zombie. The method for destroying a grave depends on the type of grave, as of now we have wooden and stone graves.

    There will be videos to show off our early works of this mini-game below. The first video shows off some of the waves from the first installment of the mini-game. The second video shows off some boss mechanics for Dalvok, a boss encountered in the same installment. Of course, this is all very early work and a lot of the details are left out, we don’t want to spoil the fun . Dalvok has complex combat mechanics, he uses multiple attack styles to bring variety to the fight and several other mechanics that players need to figure out themselves.

    Rewards: To be determined.

    Hunger Games Minigame

    Spoiler for Hunger Games:

    Fend for yourself or team up until the end! It’s your funeral. Launch into this minigame bare with nothing but SKILL, WILL, and a little bit of LUCK! Stake it all against others as you race the clock to loot up suit up and triumph others to assume the GRAND PRIZE!

    The Hunger Games minigame will be based upon the custom map created by its.teewhy, who has done a superb work of creating complex map structures and detail.

    The map is large in size and contains a variety of different buildings, decorations, and other details to help give it an authentic map feel. Players will spawn on the island with nothing and must survive by gathering supplies such as food and weapons throughout the map. Players can also manually catch and cook fish at respective fishing zones located on the map. The objective is to slay the other players while becoming the only survivor. Once a specific amount of players are left in the game, they will be transported to a smaller version of the map which will be on of the three shown below;

    More Map Media
    Spoiler for Map Media:

    Custom Raids

    (purely conceptual at this point in time)

    Spoiler for Custom Raids:

    Have you been looking for raids filled with simple yet challenging mechanics, bosses with more combat facets, and exotic raid specific loot? If so welcome to Empyrean Raids! Each raid will be supplemented by terrain specific obstacles, unique combatants, built in support features only those with adequate skills can operate to aid their raid teams, and mysterious puzzles! Will you accept the challenge?

    Raids will consist of 7 different bosses with 1 final boss. It will take place in the desert where you must team up with other players (or by yourself) to defeat each of the bosses in order, making your way to the final boss. Some of the mechanics include but are not limited to;

    • Protect prayers vs bosses won't be 100% effective, they will only reduce damage by 60%.
    • Mid fight, one player will be able to access resource area from which he will be able to fish for food and thieve for potions. Resource area won’t be available at all times but only at specific times. If someone is doing solo raids he won’t be able to enter resource area at all.
    • Resources gathered from resource area will be able to be shared to other players by simply using them on players.
    • Raids party size will be limited to 50 players. Raids difficulty will scale with each player who joins the party.

    An example for a boss:

    Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter
    Harlak the riftspitter will be doing mostly magic damage to players and will have a special attack that will syphon hitpoints from a random player. Before syphoning starts, bandages will be spawned on the ground. He will deal 100 damage per tick to the selected player for 20 ticks dealing a total of 2000 damage. The player will be able to eat while he’s being syphoned and other players will be able to help him by picking up bandages off the ground and using them on the player.

    In Empyrean we offer hybrid skilling opportunities. This means we will offer resources with two or more skill stat requirements a player must meet before he or she is able to exploit the resource. The rewards may manifest in the form of experience (for more than one skill) or item resources. We think this concept is a nice way to incentivize training in non-combat skills and create a more balanced, dynamic economy.

    Gem Trees

    Spoiler for Gem Trees:
    Gem trees are formed from the same crystallized materials that make up the various gems in the game. Players are able to “cut” these trees. As a reward, they will gain both woodcutting and crafting experience as well as a chance to receive a gem of the same material as the tree is made up of. The table below shows the required levels to cut down these trees.

    Gem trees will be located across Empyrean, some will be deep within wilderness areas which will introduce a high risk - high reward skilling experience.

    Deep Sea Fishing

    Spoiler for Deep Sea Fishing:
    Deep sea fishing is a new form of fishing we introduce, these fish will be (as the name suggests) available in new deep-sea areas. These areas will have a draining feature, much like the desert areas in RS. Players with a higher level of agility will last longer in the area and thus have more time to catch fish. Also, some of the fish have certain requirements a player must meet in order for them to catch them.

    The aforementioned requirements are listed in the table.

    (The requirements colored in duff purple are for catching, the ones in bright purple are for cooking.)

    Potential fishing spots that contain both seahorses and squid are marked in the map above with two light purple x’s in between the purple and red bordered rectangles. The purple rectangle encloses an area in which resources could scavenge as to start a fire and cook the fish.

    New Thieving Stalls

    Spoiler for New Stalls:
    Empyrean will introduce a new line of thieving stalls for you to enjoy. These stalls will bring in new items for you to sell and make some extra cash!

    Wood stall: Wooden sword, Wooden shield, Wooden battleaxe
    Silver stall: Silver necklace, Silver crown, Silver rings
    Rare gem stall: Lava stone, Gem bag, Malachite

    More media:
    Spoiler for More media:

    Empyrean has a sophisticated combat system that has been written from scratch in Kotlin. This allows the development team to swiftly create new strategies with a degree of creative freedom necessary to exhibit complex behaviors.

    Game Core

    Spoiler for Core:

    The development team has completely rewritten the networking in Kotlin using the latest version of the Netty framework. Due to the asynchronous nature of the implemented networking, we are able to implement ‘instant’ switching to use crude terms. Of course, the actual speed depends on the connection speed between the client and the server. However, item container actions have been taken out of the queue and are immediately flushed to the subject client session. We assumed Jagex did not implement this to equal out people with a bad internet connection but we’re uncertain so more research into potentially negative side-effects will be done.

    Bosses and Npcs

    Spoiler for Bosses and Npcs:

    Empyrean rsps will have a large selection of new npcs for you to fight and grind. These npcs range from common low level monsters to high level bosses. These npcs will offer a variety of unique drops and souls. Some bosses will have a new combat script which will allow for a more enjoyable boss slaying experience while equally providing players with new challenges and strategies to defeat these foes. Early stages of the npcs found below:

    Armored Scorpions: Will range from bronze to rune (one above is steel) and will drop unique low leveled rewards for melee range and magic classes.

    King Black Scorpion: Will be a low - mid level boss for newcomers to fight and gain decent gear.

    Shadow Drake: Will be a new species of dragon to slay for better bones and hide. They will be much tougher than regular dragons but will equally drop rewarding items.

    Abyssal Horror: A special variant of the mutant tarn where the abyssal demons have taken over its body, causing it to mutate further giving it abyssal tentacles and mask. Will be one of many bosses offered at Empyrean.

    Draven the Dark: One of the higher end bosses which will require very strong gear to defeat. Draven will have the ability to summon minions mid battle so players must strategize accordingly in order to successfully defeat this boss and obtain his gear.

    Dalvok the Ancient: A boss encountered within the zombie mini game, his move sets and style can be seen in the videos provided.

    Soul System

    Spoiler for Souls:

    The monotony ends NOW! Your eternal slaving to levels, loot, and tasks are no more. We change up the formula with lands swarmed of NEVER before seen FOES! One and all foes combat players with unique individual attacks, withhold unfamiliar unique enemy specific rewards at a scarce drop rate, and each enemy will release SOULS upon death! SOULS are a unique reward and sub currency to Empyrean alleviating players of pay to win economies and introducing play to win back into the community!

    Empyrean will be introducing souls into the game as a new type of currency. Souls can be obtained by killing bosses and npcs. The amount of souls you receive is dependent on the level and difficulty of the boss. The souls can be withdrawn from its own special pouch and can be traded. The applications for these souls range from entrance fees to bosses, upgrading / recharging weapons, and using it to buy special gear from stores. More applications for souls will be listed at a later date.

    GIF showing the soul pouch and how souls are being obtained.

    An example of swords being charged from a broken --> fixed --> charged state by infusing it with souls.

    A very early concept of item fading to indicate that its running out of souls (keep it mind this concept is not yet finalized)

    Empyrean will be balanced with a healthy amount of unique customs. For far too long countless of servers have failed to prove what a true custom server is, but Empyrean will showcase some of the best 3d assets that you've never seen before. Empyrean, unlike many other custom servers, has a dedicated model designer who will ensure the game receives nothing but the best models. With the ability to create NPCs, objects, armours, weapons and more, the possibilities are endless.
    Spoiler for Models:

    Dinh's armour + battle axe set

    Corporeal Beast Armour

    Boss slayer helms

    Vile Rapier

    Scorpian Blowpipe

    Vile Greatsword

    + much more. Not all models will be revealed, most will be for you to find out!

    Want to support the project? Copy the image link below and place it in your signature!

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Update log (last updated on the 13th of November)

    The following log barely covers the over 9 million line edits made thus far (I know this doesn't say much.)
    I will do my best in updating it frequently to match our GitHub log, I will only bump the thread with an update development-wise if it is truly significant.
    Once all the core stuff is behind our back, the team and I will create a table containing our milestones with a progress indicator (which I will include in this post.)

    Updates will become more streamlined as time passes. Currently we're in a phase of updating the core and networking of the game.
    Spoiler for View animation tool:

    Spoiler for View log (NOT UPTODATE):

    • Ported over Apollo's MessageHandler implementations
    • Ported over Apollo's Message encoding/decoding
    • Ported over Apollo's Synchronization tasks
    • Ported over Apollo's seralisation/parsers
    • Ported over Apollo's RegionRepository
    • Ported over Apollo's CollisionManager
    • Ported over Apollo's update protocols
    • Ported over Apollo's login protocol
    • Ported over Apollo's game engine
    • Ported over Apollo's sessions
    • Ported over Apollo's services

    • Started writing GitHub Wiki (meant for developers, explains how to use Empyrean's various systems)
    • Converted MessageHandler implementation (ported from Apollo) to Kotlin
    • Improved movement controller of mobs (takes into account all collision masks now)
    • Cleaned up the Misc utility class

    • Started rewriting player seralisation
    • Restructured most of the client
    • Rewrote the client game frame (centralised it into one class)
    • Rewrote the tab area of the game frame in kotlin
    • Added support for customisation of various game frame components
    • Added JagGrab protocol support in the Client
    • Made client login block compatible with latest Server changes (apollo portings)
    • Added synchronisation lock to index field of Entity class
    • Configured SetShadowStateMessage packet
    • Configured EnterAmountMessage packet
    • Configured PouchUpdateMessage packet
    • Configured TitledScreenFadeMessage packet
    • Configured OpenOverlayMessage packet
    • Configured ServerChatMessage packet
    • Configured IdAssignmentMessage packet
    • Configured ConfigMessage (for more complex states)
    • Configured SetUpdatedRegionMessage packet (this is no longer needed)
    • Configured SetWidgetNpcModelMessage packet
    • Configured RegionChangeMessage packet (direct calls are disabled as of now)
    • Configured SwitchTabInterfaceMessage packet
    • Configured DisplayCrossBonesMessage packet
    • Configured SendFriendMessage packet
    • Configured TotalExperience packet (TODO: this should not be an unique packet)
    • Configured ConfigMessage packet
    • Configured DisplayOrbMessage packet (venom and poison)
    • Configured RunOrb state (included in DisplayOrbMessage packet)
    • Configured SetIronManModeMessage packet (should not be a packet of its own)
    • Configured SpecialAttackOrbMessage packets (TODO: merge into one packet)
    • Configured UpdateRunEnergyMessage packet
    • Configured LogoutMessage packet
    • Configured DisplayTabInterfaceMessage packet
    • Configured SetPlayerActionMessage packet
    • Configured OpenInterfaceMessage packet
    • Configured SetFogColourMessage packet
    • Configured OpenInterfaceSidebarMessage packet
    • Configured SetWidgetItemModelMessage packet
    • Configured UpdateWeightMessage packet
    • Configured FriendServerStatusMessage packet
    • Configured CloseInterfaceMessage packet
    • Configured IgnoreListMessage packet
    • Configured PrivacyOptionMessage packet
    • Configured SetWidgetModelAnimationMessage packet
    • Configured ForwardPrivateChatMessage packet (TODO: use former privilege system)
    • Configured SetWidgetPlayerModel packet
    • Updated all icebrick references to StanDev (due to rune-server name change)
    • Updated documentation of CombatAgent and did some refactoring
    • Added @NotNull annotation to Message argument in MessageEncoder
    • Added @NotNull annotation to all java MessageEncoder classes
    • Configured PlaySongMessage packet
    • Configured PlaySoundMessage packet
    • Configured MobAnimationResetMessage packet
    • Configured AutoCastMessage packet (should not be a packet of its own)
    • Configured SetOverlayEntityMessage packet (TODO: this should not be a custom packet)
    • Started redoing GameObject update operations
    • Registered new packet encoders
    • Set correct packet size for various packets in the Client Stan 02/11/2018, 23:53
    • Ordered and refactored all server enabled packets in the client Stan 02/11/2018, 23:34
    • Configured MagicOnGroundItemMessage packet Stan 02/11/2018, 21:16
    • Configured ItemOnPlayerMessage Stan 02/11/2018, 21:07
    • Configured FifthObjectActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 21:00
    • Configured FourthObjectActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:58
    • Configured ThirdItemActionMessageEncoder packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:54
    • Configured ExamineNpcMessage packet Stan 02/11/2018, 20:51
    • Removed ItemExamine packet (done client-sided now) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:47
    • Configured MenuMessage packet Stan 02/11/2018, 20:43
    • Configured ClanChatMessage packet Stan 02/11/2018, 20:32
    • Configured PrivateChatMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:22
    • Configured RemoveIgnoreMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:17
    • Configured RemoveFriendMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:17
    • Configured AddIgnoreMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:16
    • Configured AddFriendMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:15
    • Configured FifthPlayerActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:14
    • Configured FourthPlayerActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:09
    • Configured ThirdPlayerActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:08
    • Configured SecondPlayerActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:07
    • Configured FirstPlayerActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:06
    • Configured ItemOnObjectMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:04
    • Configured TakeTileItemMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:02
    • Configured FifthhNpcActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 20:00
    • Configured FourthNpcActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:59
    • Configured ThirdNpcActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:58
    • Configured SecondNpcActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:57
    • Configured FirstNpcActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:56
    • Configured PrivacyOptionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:54
    • Configured MagicOnNpcMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:51
    • Configured MagicOnPlayerMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:50
    • Configured MagicOnItemMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:48
    • Configured ItemOnNpcMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:47
    • Configured ItemOnItemMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:46
    • Configured FlashingTabClickedMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:40
    • Configured DialogueContinueMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:37
    • Configured EnteredAmountMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:36
    • Configured ClosedInterfaceMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:34
    • Configured ButtonMessageEncoder packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:33
    • Configured FifthItemActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:32
    • Configured FourthItemActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:27
    • Configured SecondItemActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:25
    • Configured FirstItemActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:24
    • Configured FifthItemOptionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:21
    • Configured FourthItemOptionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:20
    • Configured ThirdItemOptionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:18
    • Configured SecondItemOptionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:17
    • Configured FirstItemOptionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:15
    • Configured ThirdObjectActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:11
    • Configured SecondObjectActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:10
    • Configured FirstObjectActionMessage packet (client -> server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:07
    • Configured SwitchItemMessage packet (client -> server) + refactor Stan 02/11/2018, 19:04
    • Configured CommandMessage packet (client->server) Stan 02/11/2018, 19:01
    • Configured PublicChatMessage packet (client->server) Stan 02/11/2018, 18:58
    • Refactoring of some packets and buffer writing methods Stan 02/11/2018, 18:50
    • Added back manual size checks for incoming packets (server->client) Stan 02/11/2018, 00:48
    • Organised codec classes (decoder and encoder) Stan 02/11/2018, 00:47
    • Fixed ChangeAppearance packet (Client->Server) Stan 01/11/2018, 23:57
    • Removed old AgentList references, replaced by new AgentRepository Stan 01/11/2018, 23:48
    • Added in apollo's WalkingQueue (temporarily) and fixed numerous MessageHandlers Stan 06/11/2018, 16:05
    • Fixed a lot of game frame component buttons Stan 06/11/2018, 13:39
    • Configured the BankButtonMessageHandler Stan 06/11/2018, 13:04
    • Added TradeScreenButtonMessageHandler (for buttons in the trade interface) Stan 06/11/2018, 12:44
    • Added GameFrameButtonMessageHandler (configured skill and spell book tab) Stan 06/11/2018, 12:40
    • Fixed for player serialization Stan 06/11/2018, 12:40
    • Added Astarpathfinding from apollo and fixed a bunch of region updating issues Stan 05/11/2018, 19:34
    • Fixed packet encoding/decoding encryption and communication Stan 05/11/2018, 17:46
    • Added SpellBookButtonMessageHandler to the ButtonMessage handler chain Stan 05/11/2018, 13:55
    • Refactored and moved a lot of core related classes/packages and separated old from new for referencing. Stan 05/11/2018, 13:54
    • Moved session and service package into the game.engine package Stan 05/11/2018, 13:39
    • Deprecated a lot of Old stuff and removed a lot of old code Stan 05/11/2018, 13:33
    • Cleaned up Player class (inconsistent old java names, cleaned by implicit kotlin getters and setters) Stan 05/11/2018, 13:17
    • Refactored MovementController to DeliberativeController (abstracted it out, refactored internal methods) Stan 05/11/2018, 12:54
    • Refactored TraceRouter to RoutePlanner and added documentation. Stan 05/11/2018, 12:39
    • Restructured CommandMessageHandler class and suppressed unused warning. (loaded through reflection) Stan 04/11/2018, 02:26
    • Moved sql and discord package into root net package in kotlin folder Stan 04/11/2018, 02:08
    • Added debug messages in packet sending in the Client Stan 04/11/2018, 01:43
    • A lot of client refactoring and fixed all inherit packet sizes Stan 03/11/2018, 23:51
    • Configured UpdateSkillMessage packet (TODO: convert old system) Stan 03/11/2018, 23:09
    • Added synchronization lock for the index field in the Agent class in Kotlin
    • Fixed double hit mask is npc update block Stan van der Bend* 13/11/2018, 01:28
    • Fixed ranged projectiles (correct speed, delay etc) Stan van der Bend* 13/11/2018, 01:22
    • Fixed SetWidgetVisibilityMessage (for special attack bar etc) Stan van der Bend* 13/11/2018, 00:33
    • Added and configured SetWidgetSpriteMessage Stan van der Bend* 13/11/2018, 00:24
    • Configured MoveWidgetComponentMessage server and client-sided Stan van der Bend* 13/11/2018, 00:11
    • Added MoveWidgetComponentMessage (and registered its encoder) Stan van der Bend* 13/11/2018, 00:06
    • Added BeastOfBurdenMessageHandler for BOB ItemActionMessage packets Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 23:26
    • Added TradeScreenMessageHandler (handles ItemActionMessage packets related to trading) Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 22:58
    • Refactored InterfaceRemovalButtonMessageHandler to CloseInterfaceHandler (also added documentation) Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 22:36
    • Added @Suppress("unused") to BankMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 22:33
    • Fixed timing issue for skill system and fixed the restart condition Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 21:50
    • Improved Skill system and started redoing Mining in new system Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 21:43
    • Added MiscellaneousButtonMessageHandler for buttons not having (yet) a separate handler Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 17:59
    • Configured OpenDialogueInterfaceMessage packet Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 17:24
    • Fixed an issue with animation resets for players Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 17:18
    • Fixed deposit and withdrawing in BankUtils Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 15:40
    • Fixed RemoveEquippedItemHandler Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 15:11
    • Fixed icons in player updating Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 15:05
    • Fixed player hit updating Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 14:54
    • Fixed NPC hit updating. Stan van der Bend* 12/11/2018, 14:45
    • Fixed walk by minimap packet Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:42
    • Set our netty to 4 instead of 4.1 Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:37
    • Did some more combat reworking, fixed npc and player remove sync segments and added some more debugging Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:37
    • Added debug message (but is commented out) to EmpyreanHandler message releasing Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:36
    • Extended GamePacket with DefaultByteBufHolder (to make this netty4 compatible, otherwise memleak) Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:35
    • Fixed the UpdateSkillMessage packet Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:34
    • Added SetOverlayEntity message encoder and PlaySoundMessage encoder Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:30
    • Changed OpenOverlayMessage data type to Int from Short Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:29
    • Removed useless data from SetOverlayEntityMessage Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:29
    • Configured some packet sizes and increased max packets read every client cycle Stan van der Bend* 11/11/2018, 05:28
    • Did some refactor work Stan van der Bend* 10/11/2018, 22:47
    • Split sequences of the CombatTurns in the the CombatSession (could randomize the order) Stan van der Bend* 10/11/2018, 21:15
    • Redid my new CombatSession (defined former session behaviour as turn behaviour) Stan van der Bend* 10/11/2018, 20:58
    • Added MagicOnItemMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 12:28
    • Added MagicOnGroundItemMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 12:17
    • Fixed DialogueContinueMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 12:03
    • Fixed ClosedInterfaceMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 11:59
    • Added ClanChatMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 11:56
    • Added ItemOnObjectMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 11:48
    • Added ItemOnPlayerMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 10:55
    • Added ItemOnPlayerVerificationHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 10:41
    • Added ItemOnNpcMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 10:39
    • Added ItemOnNpcVerificationHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 10:27
    • Fixed Item deletion from ItemContainers Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 06:27
    • Added WalkToTask to player processing and fixed and issue with ground items Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 06:13
    • Added TakeTileItemMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 06:07
    • Fixed some distance check issues with combat (needs rework) Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 05:57
    • Fixed fire making, added stepAside function Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 05:12
    • Added ItemOnItemMessageHandler (handles incoming ItemOnItemMessage packets) Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 04:49
    • Fixed object updating in regions (woodcutting, firemaking etc) Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 04:15
    • Fixed head icon updating (prayer and skull) and converted WalkingQueue to kotlin Stan van der Bend* 09/11/2018, 03:54
    • Fixed ObjectActionMessageHandler and perfected Interaction class (For players interacting with entities) Stan van der Bend* 08/11/2018, 05:07
    • Named certain buttons in GameFrameButtonMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 08/11/2018, 01:52
    • Fixed NPC updating and added npc movement Stan van der Bend* 08/11/2018, 01:40
    • Fixed issues with ItemContainer updating and the drop packet Stan van der Bend* 08/11/2018, 00:45
    • Added message chain termination in TradeScreenButtonMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 07/11/2018, 18:28
    • Added message chain termination in BankButtonMessageHandler Stan van der Bend* 07/11/2018, 18:27
    • Added message chain termination in GameFrameButtonHandler Stan van der Bend* 07/11/2018, 18:25
    • Started fixing item dropping + removed duplicate Skill enum Stan van der Bend* 07/11/2018, 18:18

    We're rewriting everything in Kotlin, currently, 36% of the server is written in Kotlin.

    Our engine is powered by Apollo.

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    Spoiler for Update for Oct. 26, 2018:
    I have recently finished one of the final two regions of the Burial Wilderness Flavoured Map, with that being said there is only one more region that needs to be finished. After finishing the final region, the map will be closer to being completed aside from blending regions together, terrain heightening, and some finishing touches to regions needed.

    Spoiler for Update for Oct. 28, 2018:
    After finishing the final region, I was able to blend all of the regions together making the map look much better due to it looking more smooth and being blended together accordingly. With that being said, the map is closer to being complete, terrain heightening and finishing touches to come!

    Spoiler for Update for Jan. 14, 2019:
    I’d just like to make a brief simple update explaining what I have done since the last update logged. With that being said, the map is nearly complete, after some more ground decor, some extra decor like skeletons and such, the map is coming along nicely. I’ve done some terrain work and plan to do some more still. I have taken some new media after some terrain work and after placing some decor. Please note the map will look much better in-game due to graphics being better in-game. There is still some more work to be done, finishing touches of course. Some media will be below, more media may be found here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Unfortunately we’re all human. Except me

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    Spoiler for First upate 21st of October 2018:

    First website update:
    • Finished converting homepage design from PSD to HTML
    • Designed voting page
    • Designed store page
    • Started working on back-end

    Disclaimer: This items are only placeholders
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    looks sick guys, best of luck!
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    Could this be the first custom server that I actually like?
    Looks awesome, good luck.

    "There's no such thing as a PI client " - Albert Einstein

    Quote Originally Posted by soccerchamp149 View Post
    whats eclipse lol
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    sweet layout. gl guys.
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    A really well made custom server for this revision, Love the souls system and ofc those sexy models @lumplum. Look forward to seeing more come out of this, good luck!
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    Get in touch with me! Discord: Splash#8041
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    gl on this
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    Good luck! Looks really good
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