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    Let's give it a go.

    I liked the good old days of *Scape, mopar client used universally, everyone using PimpScape, PhoneScape, Project 16, etc. (No, I'm not going to be using them, lol). It was fun; you could go on any server and not have to worry about how similar it would be to the previous one. Obviously I'm not expecting for this to become something short of BattleScape, just to offer an old-school private server for anyone who still wants to preserve the good times. I intend for the server to be somewhat of a stable old-school private server. The base is going to be written from scratch, implementing ideas from various people and open-source projects. I have all of 2 months to do this, so I should have enough time to get a decent amount of work done.

    I'm not trying to get the server perfect, as shown by the quality of my source code (lots of it appears rushed, but still works decently nonetheless). I don't honestly expect this project to go very far, but hey I'm trying and so far succeeding!

    The client
    For all I care, you could connect using MoparScape 3.2, and that's the beauty of it. No need to spend 1 1/2 hours downloading various extra shit before you play, just log in and start!

    Player-Killing may not be all what it's made out to be, however it will still be there. I will try my best to make a decent combat system, however I have never done it before so don't expect perfection; go talk to scu for that. Eventually the source code will be released, it is inevitably decided upon dev start for every project, so when it does, make it perfect or however you like.

    There will be various mini-games around the server, such include:

    Castle Wars - Two teams, saradomin and zamorak, each possessing their own castle. The objective? Rush like fuck to get the other team's standard (flag) to your castle.

    Trawler - I've never seen an attempt at the Trawler minigame, so I figure I should give it a go. Talk to the old guy, go on a ship, keep the ship afloat, catch fish, get a shitload of experience for it.

    Blast furnace - I haven't decided yet. If I have the time I'll have a go at it.

    Treasure trails - These were always fun! Basically, you get a clue scroll. Read it, solve the clues, and get rich quickly (sometimes! ).

    Holiday events - Not sure, I might use a [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]to get the date and determine whether or not a specific event is active, but it's quite a stretch for my basic standards/goals.

    Yes well I always liked the idea of basing a server around Miscellania, because of the way the island is set up. Obviously the world will extend beyond the confines of the island, however the main world will be on it.

    Well, yeah. I do intend on making skills but not really spending too much time on them, at most you'll get at least 70% for most skills, possibly less. But you know most skills are released 100% in tutorials.

    So far, the server has been tested with 2000 local connections spamming chat message packets using on average 80% CPU on a 9 year old computer, with several other things running. Of course this is not an accurate test because it's using local connections, and the server is not complete yet. I will continuously be performing stability tests (using remote connections) throughout the life of the development of the server.

    Red - Not started
    Orange - Under development
    Green - Completed
    Bold - Has children

    • Login

    • Networking
      • Codec
        • Decoder
        • Encoder
        • ISAAC implementation

      • Events
        • Chaining/filtering
        • XML loading
        • Receiving
          • Screen click
          • Idle cycle
          • Focus changing
          • Camera pan

        • Sending
          • Send message
          • Sidebar interfaces
          • Send region

      • Filtering
        • Throttling persistent connections
        • 2 connections per IP
        • Anti-bot protection
        • Banning

    • Entities
      • Players
        • Updating
          • Flagging system
          • Rendering
          • Movement
          • Region loading

      • NPCs
        • Updating
          • Flagging system
          • Rendering
          • Movement

    • Thread model
      • Single threaded scheduled executor for game logic
        • "Dead" player removal task. Removes disconnected players every 600 ms.

      • Cached thread pool for networking

    Spoiler for Login:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - Used rs377d as model for some things, some help over MSN, etc.

    The only way you can help is to provide useful information or constructive criticism. Any trolling/unnecessary flame will be reported.
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    Why do loads of project topics look JUST like this...

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke132 View Post
    Why do loads of project topics look JUST like this...

    Good luck.
    It's usually how all of mine work out, I don't spend hours on a project thread; I'd much rather be doing server work.
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