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    (This will be copy/paste of wiki but also with some )
    In this thread ill be covering aggression of OSRS Npc's work,

    Npc Aggressiveness (or hostility) refers to whether monster will attack nearby players without being provoked. Aggressive monsters may attack players without being attacked first.
    Some are aggressive based on players combat level, and others are aggressive regardless of level such as various bosses and monsters in the Wilderness.

    Some monsters, such as chompies and jubblies, will not attack a player even if engaged in combat. Yet, others, most notably dark beasts and bosses, remain hostile no matter how long the player remains in the vicinity.

    Some monsters such as for example: Ammonite Crabs, will have timers, that will aggro the player for 10 Mins within 10x10 Tiles when a player leaves those 10x10 Tile box the timer resets in that specific box.


    When aggressiveness is based on combat level, an aggressive monster will attack a player whose combat level is less than or equal to twice the monster's level.
    If the player's combat level is more than twice the monsters level, it won't attack.

    a level 51 player enters an area with a level 28 hobgoblin. Since the player's level is less than twice the monster's level (28 2 = 56, which is more than 51), the hobgoblin will attack the player.
    Conversely, if a level 105 player enters an area with a level 28 hobgoblin,
    the monster will not attack because the player's level is more than twice the monster's. In this case, the hobgoblin will ignore the player (unless, of course, the player decides to attack the monster).
    Thus, the player would need to be level 57 or higher to avoid being attacked by the hobgoblin.

    When an aggressive monster is in a fight with another player, it wont attack others depending on their gamemode.
    Example: `Normal player` is in a fight with aggressive npc, and HCIM (Unsure about Ironman) runs past, the aggressive npc will leave the fight and aggro will be transfered on the HCIM player.
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