Thread: RSPS Password Grabbing [Security Flaw]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayArrowz View Post
    No people don't use long passwords. They are easily bruteforced without any lockout and common pw lists in rsps.
    It's as simple as sending loads of login requests with diff passwords until server approves the request

    Not limited to this can happen in parallel with X requests per second.
    only with a common password list

    discussions on bruteforcing passwords is stepping into lmctruck territory
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    Why you should use tokens if your saving things like that that's unique to the pc, someone should release a thread how to do its, its kinda easy, may do myself when I get time but yeh most servers still do use plaintext or try to hide the file in some weird dir or some crap lmao. and then you should be using 2FA also. its a req for all the members on the staff team im in
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