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    A sequence of behaviors an entity potentially performs, which may be processed over one or more game ticks.

    1. is explicit priority needed?
    2. is a queue of actions needed?

    1. an action must be able to take priority over another
    2. an action must be able to be suspended

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Once an action is completed, and then the next action [if exists] is continued at whichever suspendable state

    Actions which lock players
    Ryley [
    [7:43 PM] Tyluur: > jagexs plr queue stuff has 'strong' queues which are controlled by the developer and leave the player entirely in a locked state
    what's an example of an action in a strong queue
    [7:43 PM] Ryley: teleporting
    [7:43 PM] Ryley: force movement
    [7:43 PM] Ryley: cut scenes
    [7:43 PM] Ryley: etc
    [7:43 PM] Ryley: stuff u cannot cancel
    [7:51 PM] Ryley: @[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]chis2
    A weakqueue is cancelled if the player clicks away - commonly used for Make-X. Queues are weak / strong / normal.
    [7:51 PM] Ryley: looking for the one with info on the regular queue
    [7:51 PM] Ryley: iirc it just waits until whatever 'blocking' thing ur doing finishes before executing
    [7:51 PM] Tomm:
    [7:52 PM] Ryley: i.e if u have ur bank open and u have an experience drop waiting
    [7:52 PM] Ryley: once the interface closes it fires
    [7:52 PM] Ryley: ya that
    [7:52 PM] Ryley: strong takes total control of the player to execute
    [7:52 PM] Ryley: closes interfaces, cancels actions etc

    note: this thread is a WIP
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    Suspended actions can be done via interface stalls. Falador shield / prayer interface stall should also work similar.

    Stalls in this manner will also halt minigame/quest behavior such as boss spawning etc usually.
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