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    Quote Originally Posted by blakeman8192 View Post
    Just to clarify, RuneSource was written from scratch and had no base.

    Also, Enronka should be Enkrona [emoji14]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jord View Post
    Ikov was based on Arrav, which I wouldn't class at PI. It had a few parts ripped from PI like the dialogue and object system, which is disgusting and I couldn't tell you why of all things these were taken. The core of it was Hyperion though and is closer to Hyperion than it was PI.

    Not sure why Ruse isn't on this list since it's probably the most used download for servers at this current time.
    Quote Originally Posted by iGarrett View Post
    May be a gravedig but i want to add in that Original RiotScape Server that LMCTruck30 created when it was first launched was based off of DeltaScape actually.

    RiotScape didn't become Emulous until riot 2.0 which set the path for Project Insanity and so fourth.

    Corrected it would be: BlakeScape > RiotScape > Emulous 1.6 > Riot 2 > Emulous 1.7 > Project Instanity.
    This following quotes will be amended. If you wish to have a server added, please give me atleast 3 layers of servers to work from. example: serverA should be added to the chart via PI > serverB > serverA

    Also i really need to know the chronological order of ruse
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    I'm very interested in the order and base of ruse as well.
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    Ah the good old days of trash taped together to form a server, then "features" glued on. Simplicity.

    ty for whoever mentioned phonescape. Nearly forgot that one.

    Did anyone else remember StoneScape or is that just me. The first server I actually enjoyed playing.
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