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    I'm using PI ethos base

    I'm trying to add in some objects (Id# 30012) to raids rooms.
    I think the problem is that 30k is too high of a number but I'm not sure how to fix the problem

    I've added the objects in client sided, and it works to spawn the items with :: object 30012 and the object is usable. but when I add the object spawn, on server startup I get "warning unable to load object from file"
    I've tried adding them to global_objects and also in
    When I add them to the raids room goes invisible. in global_objects the room is visible but the objects dont show up.

    Is there a way to raise the maximum object ID's? Or do I have to just change the model on an object already in the game to the one I want?

    Any help is appreciated
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    Raids rooms are not all Height - 0, did you check that you were actually adding the objects to the correct height?
    Seems rather confusing but I'd be happy to help you out, should be an easy fix mate pop me a message.

    Discord: Cal#2244
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