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    So basically i have the same problem as this guy.

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    I have read through the post and gathered that changing the bank interface possible item height should in theory fix the issue. But instead im getting Arrayindexofbounds with the interface all messed up. What should i do about that?
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    Look at your container interface component. It will have the following fields: width, height, item id array, item amount array. Width = columns, height = rows. Your width * height should = your array size. Make sure it's all being set properly. For example:
    addContainer(int width, int height, ...) {
    width = width;
    height = height;
    itemId = new int[width * height];
    itemAmount = new int[width * height];
    I forget if the packet might need to be updated to support the sizing as well, and if you don't know how to edit packets this would be a good way to learn. If it does need changing, it would likely just be in what data type is being sent (and received).
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