Been messing around for good day now trying to figure out alone but I just don't understand reading the packets enough to make progress. Attempting to add a barcode id to NPC for npc bounty system I'm trying to do from scratch to learn through creating things, but I've pretty much hit a wall after messing around for hours.

Anyone have the faintest clue on where to start or can point me in direction for better understanding packets / if it's possible to even get the npc based off packets? Also having issues with custom npc level / stats.

I created class called bountyman that spawns an npc as a man with a special barcode for the player to search by examining him. Npcs not spawning with custom level, so I'm assuming I'm not supposed to create a new npc when making an instance of the bountyman class? Should I be making bountyman a subclass of the npc class or that still won't allow me to change combat levels (without having to create a custom npc)?