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    Anyone help with a drop issue? Been trying to debug it all day and come too no conclusion.. Bare in mind this only happens on certain npcs. This is the method giving the error:

        public static boolean shouldDrop(Player p,NPC npc, double drops,NpcDropItem[] c, boolean[] b, DropChance chance,
                 boolean ringOfWealth, boolean ringOfWealth1, boolean ringOfWealth2, boolean ringOfWealth3, boolean ringOfWealthLucky, boolean amuletOfInsanity, boolean ringOfGods, boolean extreme, PlayerRights rights) {
    int x = 0;
    double random = chance.getRandom(); //pull the chance from the table
    double drBoost = NPCDrops.getDroprate(p);
    for (int i = 0; i < drops; i++) {
    if (random == c[i].getChance().getRandom()) {
    random *= x;
    if (p.getTransform() == npc.getId()) {
    drBoost += 5;
    p.sendMessage("Your soul boosted your droprate by 5% on this npc!");
    random = (int)random * ((100-drBoost)/100);
    return !b[chance.ordinal()] && Misc.getRandom((int) random) == 0;

    The line giving error is:
    return !b[chance.ordinal()] && Misc.getRandom((int) random) == 0;

    The error it's giving..
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 12
    I cannot work out where on earth it's pulling 12 from

    Any ideas?
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    DropChance is an Enum, which is where you get 12 from. So the error would be:

    Because it can't find the array index of 12, in the boolean array held in variable b.

    So what you could do is:
    if(chance.ordinal >= b.size()) {
    return !b[chance.ordinal()] && Misc.getRandom((int) random) == 0;
    return false;
    I'm tired, I might have fucked up the if statement, flipped the greater than symbol, and it might be length instead of size. Just throw the code in your IDE and alter it to your needs.
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    The boolean array b is an being passed in as an argument, so that means that whichever function calls #shouldDrop() and passes in that array does not have a size set to the amount of elements in the enum.

    for example

    boolean[10] b = {false, false, true, ...};
    shouldDrop(..., b, ...);

    This is an issues if you have more than 10 elements in your enum, you need to initialize it with the value of the amount of elements in your enum.

    To fix it, find whatever method is calling #shouldDrop(), find where the variable for b is initialized, and initialize it to this value.

    boolean[] b = new boolean[Chance.values().length];
    This sets it to the same value as the amount of elements in your enum, meaning you won't have this issues since it can never out of the index values.
    Make sure that the values are all being set how they should be originally tho, otherwise it will always be false since it will initialize to false unless it is the Boolean object type instead of primitive which would default to null and give you a NullPointerException.
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