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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the world chatbox transparent in a Vencillio Base? The best example I can think of is (OSRS), but people say Dreamscape has it as well (I can't confirm this). Anyway where you can see actual background textures. Such as trees, grass ect vs the ugly [old] looking rectangle box.

    Lastly few follow up questions (I apologize if this message is all over the place). But, if I was to create a personal drop message for Crystal keys how would I do that?
    - By personal I just wanted it view-able by that specific player only not a world [yell].

    Also if anyone has any pointers or helpful advice about the bank tabs clasping I could greatly use it.

    And, finally I been wanting to recolor items and create items such as a Rainbow Whip, Ween / Purple Twisted bow ect. I'm not sure if maybe I'm just slow, or what but I've watched a number of videos and it didn't really click. So, I'm kind of wondering if there's a simple program I could practice on with good documentation / examples at least so I have an idea what it should look like. Preferably for Vencillio if at all possible because I just recently got into RSPS "development".

    -ps I should probably add my overall Java knowledge is rather limited at best (I'm not expecting to be spoon-fed, but just some simple pointers or any information that can be give will help).

    thank you!
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    First of all, the chatbox problem is client sided not server sided, same with the recolored items.

    To send a message at certain drops you could do something like this:

    1. Go where your drops are handled

    2. Add a array with the item ids you want to add a message to when they are dropped

    3. Check wich item id is currently dropped and check if the array contains it

    4. if yes, send the message, if not, just continue
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