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    Getting this error after packing 179 data into Ascend, and I would assume it's readvalues error? If anyone can help i'd greatly appreciate it!
    My discord is a n d y#3230

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1033696
        at com.client.Stream.readDWord(
        at com.client.definitions.AnimationDefinition.readValues(
        at com.client.definitions.AnimationDefinition.unpackConfig(
        at com.client.Client.startUp(
        at Source)
    Bump, still needing help if anyone can. Thankyou.
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    Good luck, you’re going to more than likely have to pay someone, if you don’t know how todo this, I’ve got #179 on my ascend server, but took over 8hours because of the camera rotation and ascend doesn’t support osrs textures.
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