<EDIT> I solved the issue. I just wasn't adding the libraries to my build path - silly mistake!


So I have been out of the RSPS game for a long time. I remember how much I enjoyed tinkering with the code on RSPS's and it was really what started my interest in learning Java. I want to get back into it now that I have a bit more knowledge in the language to see if I can do anything cool with a server. I have downloaded a few well-developed servers just so I can play with some higher level features, but I am having issues getting them started up. I have noticed most of the servers now are using JBoss, Netty, and Apache. The issue is that on start up the imports for these packages are not working properly.

I have all of these library .jars in the projects, but the imports still cannot find them. I am not sure how I can properly import these things. I noticed whenever I try to run these .jars it gives me an error saying that I there is
no main manifest attribute
. I am guessing this means the libraries are not defined in the manifest of the project, but from what I can see there is no manifest at all.

How can I properly import these specific things? Is there a trick to it or am I missing something?