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    Hey guys, been interested in this for a while and have had a vision of bringing back RS2 as an exact clone as it was in 2003/2004 (immediately post beta).

    I'm looking to do the old interface with old monster and world models (giants, dragons, demons, etc), legacy Varrock, D Long as BIS sword, etc. Has anyone done this before?It looks to me that 2006redone might be the closest thing to what I am looking to achieve, unless there are earlier releases available? Is anyone else working on a similar project?

    What is the best way to get an overview of the file types/structures/game logic/tools required for PS development?

    I have programming experience but there is so much to learn! Thanks!
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    Best way is simply to dive in, look how things are handled and get comfortable with a source if you already know Java.
    Every source is different... you might want to start on a not that terrible 2006-ish base if you plan to make old 2003-2004 version.

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