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    im rewriting my pest control but i have ran into one problem i can seem to figure out. players r unable to attack the portals at all i tried to fix distanced required to attack and that didnt work and i added the portals to my npcdefinitions and still didnt work would anyone have and idea y cant attack the portals.
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    Debug the npc attack and see if your attack is even being registered.

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    Do you even have the "attack" option? Or does clicking it just cause nothing to happen? The attack "option" would change in like NPCDefinitions client sided and making it attackable or not should happen in like npc_definitions or however you load definitions server side.

    Also is your knight able to be damaged from the spawned npc's? If so, then possibly take a look at how your knight is set up and do what arch said and try and debug your attack to see if it's even registering
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